Amazing seascapes by Leonid Afremov

Craftsmen of all ages were captivated by seeing water. Continuously moving, never the equivalent, it entrances us with its inconsistent example and huge power prepared to blast out into an absurd tempest any moment and afterward, similarly as unexpectedly, die down and continue its quiet stream as though the debacle won’t ever occur. The bright mumble of the stream, the smooth curves of the ocean surf, the amazing immensity of the sea – we never become weary of checking out it. Regardless of whether it is just painted on the material.

Seascapes have consistently been well known among specialists and experts the same. However, workmanship doesn’t stop. Every age of painters has added a genuinely new thing to the class of waterscape moving from severe ordinances of authenticity to free translation of shading and light presented by impressionists. As a notable agent of this school, Leonid Afremov has his own, interesting method for catching the subtle appeal of the water component. The signs of his style include:

Exceptionally adaptable range of tones with splendid features and serious differences.

Bountiful light impacts adding more power and articulation to the image.

Short, thickly applied strokes that make a clear, unique surface.

Fine surface accomplished using a range blade.

Nonappearance of clear layouts and lines transforming the landscape into a dreamlike progression of tones.

Simple selection of topics displayed in their plain yet enrapturing excellence.

Rousing and loosening up passionate allure.

This makes Leonid Afremov works a pleasure to have on your divider. On his site, you will observe a tremendous assortment of his seascapes in oil showing tranquil tidal ponds dabbed with white dots of yachts, sublime dawns gushed out over tropical islands, artistic creations of boats here and comfortable harbors attracting you aground with the accommodating shine of house windows and wharf lights. You can truly dive into the environment of better places and urban communities, envision the delicate sand of the palm-shrouded coast under your feet, take in the pungent smell of the breeze clearing along the dock and feel the delicate shaking of the boat as you steer it to the sun-lit skyline.

The period of sensible seascapes is finished. Have a go at something other than what’s expected for a change! Jazz up your condo with heartfelt artworks of boats at nightfall in lively shades of Impressionism and relish the wonderful delicacy of spellbinding water sees portrayed for you by Leonid Afremov!

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