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As we probably are aware Roku give us different new elements, for example, voice search, fast looking, shut subtitling, sound aide and some more. A piece of it, Roku additionally has another component for example secret menu. In any case, client gets stressed over how to get to secret menus on Roku gadget. We will help you. We have Roku master group that is day in and day out shifts accessible for you. On the off chance that, in case you feel any issues or issue identifying with and Roku setting up then you are prescribed to take our Roku Specialized Help

About keys or button on the remote:-

Each Roku model contains some exceptional elements however assuming we talk about Roku television and Roku 4 then you will track down secret menu inside it. You can without much of a stretch access the mysterious menus by utilizing the remote of the Roku. Prior to getting beginning, there is one central concern you should realize that keys on the remote. You should utilize the directional keys, for example, up, down, left, Right, play/stop. Another more button is the “Home” button, which is situated at the highest point of the remote. In any case, other keys or fastens utilized in these menus are the Converse Output button, which contains the rewind symbol.

How to get to the mysterious menu?

Most importantly press the home button multiple times and FF (Quick forward multiple times).

Notwithstanding it, likewise press the rewind button twice.

This menu will permit you to Roku processing plant reset , run USB test and update the server or programming.

This is the principal screen you find for getting to the mysterious menu.

Presently, press home button and up button multiple times. After this press the rewind and quick forward button twice.

This will drives you to get the screen 2 of the mysterious Menu.

It essentially reboots your Roku.

Presently press the home button multiple times and afterward press up down, up down and up.

By this, you will actually want to see the Wi-Fi signal strength. You will reach to the third screen of the Roku secret menu.

Presently, press home button multiple times then, at that point, press FF, down, RW again down and FF.

This will give you admittance to get the secret recieving wire menu.

It is fundamentally the fourth screen of the mysterious menu.

On the fifth screen of the mysterious menu press the home button multiple times and rewind multiple times. With this, additionally press the FF twice.

This will allow you to see the piece rate menu where you can without much of a stretch see the quality settings.

Additionally, you can likewise set the bitrates.

Presently in the 6th screen of the mysterious menu press Home button multiple times and the press the Up twice, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

This code will give you admittance to have some familiarity with about the channel data or channel menu.

In the wake of performing above advances, you will be presently coming to the new screen.

Here, you will go to the screen seventh of the mysterious menu.

Press Home multiple times, up twice, Right, Left, Right and afterward Left, Right.

This will give you the entrance of the designer mode.

Here the following screen of the mysterious menu that you will find is screen eight.

Most importantly press home button multiple times then, at that point, press the up, right, down, left and up.

This secret screen will permit you to eliminate auto fix, cycle promotion flag, log subject data and cycle screen capture.

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