Part 2 of The Managing Fuel Costs Guide For Owner Operators

In my last article, ‘The Sole proprietors’ Manual for Overseeing Fuel Expenses: Section 1′, I examined two strategies for purchasing fuel for those occupied with haulage occupations. The primary, mass purchasing, had different possibly troublesome issues connected, including income and ecological and security concerns. The subsequent choice, Fuel Cards, had observing issues, just as charges payable to the oil organization.

Today I will check out the cash saving capability of Shelter Fuel Cards.

What is a Dugout Card?

A Shelter Card is like a fuel card, as it just allows a driver to buy diesel or petroleum (you can indicate). In any case, you won’t be addressing retail costs, however following through on costs nearer to those paid by enormous administrators who mass purchase their diesel. This implies that the expense of haulage occupations could diminish for you, assisting with expanding your benefits.

How Would They Function?

A Shelter Card utilizes a public bunkering organization to furnish a sole proprietor with fuel at a value that the two players have consented to. The organization buys a lot of diesel from an oil organization, which then, at that point, conveys the item to coordinated locales. There are huge number of outlets the nation over which the client can draw from with their brilliant card. These outlets are situated in helpful focuses, for example, truck stops and gas stations. Drivers can attract fuel up to a concurred limit.

There are two organizations in the UK: Keyfuels and UK Powers. Your card might be legitimate for the destinations of one of these organizations, so make a point to do your examination prior to applying. An advantage of utilizing this framework is that Tank claims are simplified, as you get two solicitations – one from the oil organization and one from the organization.

Is This the Appropriate response?

Utilizing a Fortification Card will presumably assist you with setting aside cash. Obviously, you should do the math prior to applying. However the fortification organization will charge you a couple pence per liter for every ‘withdrawal’, – like a cashpoint may charge you to take out cash – the saving from the retail cost is as yet huge.

It merits getting a Shelter Card assuming you are re-fuelling away from base on a regular basis (for example while you’re out on haulage occupations) or are an independent proprietor without a tank nearby.


To set up a record with both of the UK organizations, you’ll need to go through a vendor. As usual, it merits looking at each of the vendors ahead of time and contrasting costs and credit terms. At the point when you settle on a seller, just apply to that one – an organization may get dubious assuming they see bunches of uses rolling in from a similar organization.

A Fortification Fuel Card is an incredible choice for independent proprietors, giving you a decent arrangement on diesel and permitting you to screen fuel use on your haulage occupations easily. I trust that this article has assisted you with choosing what the best fuelling strategy for your vehicles is.

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