LCD Screen With FPC For Peugeot 407 Dashboard

The vast majority know about the way that LCD screen comes in different goals and screen sizes, can have a matte or gleaming screen surface and can offer explicit elements. It’s an ideal decision for vehicle check board to show those significant driving figures. The scope of presentations and variety in particular can be fairly overwhelming and also; you can’t really trust the ‘on paper’ figures in any case. One on a very basic level significant part of a LCD screen which will direct how it performs and what sort of undertakings it would be best at performing is the board type.

SACER is an expert auto electronic parts provider with solid and amazing Research and development support. We offer top notch substitution LCD screen for vehicle check board. We’ve redesigned the OE normal defective and incredibly worked on the quality to support a superior quality and longer serve life, a simple fix to settle your instrument bunch or dashboard show issues without supplanting the entire get together.

SA1004-2 LCD Screen With FPC. It is a self-created adaptation from the first. Quality has been significantly improved by SACER. It’s a swap for instrument group or dashboard. Viable for Peugeot 407 (2006) or Peugeot 407 Petroleum 3.0 (2004-2009). as a matter of fact it’s really hard to discover the swap LCD for this vehicle model in the market since it was made over ten years prior. Around here at SACER, you can generally discover what you really want for your vehicle. The following are four superiorties for SA1004-2 for your reference,

Self-created – All new plan, equivalent to OE contrast, Amazing splendor and predominant shading.

Quality Revamped – – IC chip is ensured by dark epoxy gum, it’s a circuit security for quality improvement.

Simple To Utilize – The FPC is 3 mm longer than the first one, makes it a lot simpler to be associated.

Quality Garantee- – 100% shiny new item and completely tried preceding leaving the industrial facility, two years European Guarantee.

For auto LCD screen substitution, you can generally confide in SACER both in item quality and client support.

First established in 2007, SACER Ltd is a hello tech undertaking had some expertise in car gadgets incorporating free Research and development, production and circulation in car reseller’s exchange. Following 10 years’ continuous turn of events, SACER enjoys acquired extraordinary benefits and high standing, and progressively developed into a significant organization with north of 100 representatives in China.

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