How To Carry Out Hydraulic Test On Oil Casing Pipe

The water driven trial of oil packaging is a crucial piece of the creation cycle of steel pipe. Its capacity is to test the spillage obstruction of steel pipe under standard test tension and voltage guideline time. It is equivalent to the defect recognition cycle of beam and ultrasonic. It is a significant means to test the general nature of petrol steel pipes. Basically, it’s the line loaded with water,test under the tension express that it can keep up with the predetermined strain without spillage or break. Its activity incorporates three stages of flushing, pressure test and water control.Pay consideration regarding the accompanying focuses during activity:

Boundary setting: As indicated by the size of the oil packaging line to be tried, the steel grade (essentially the material of the oil packaging) and the string type (button type) are set.Check the strain esteem, and the voltage guideline time;
Play out a full-length hydrostatic test on every petrol pipe. Real test pressure and less guideline time should agree with the guidelines of the interaction card (once in a while concurring tothe nature of the unrefined substances, the change time is appropriately changed);
During the time spent tension test, it is important to check whether the seals are in great condition and there are hints of water spillage whenever;
The test pressure control scope of the petrol pipe is: ≥ the standard water powered tension test pressure;
Cautiously fill in the hydrostatic test record;
With the coupling and strung line hydrostatic test pressure esteem is the level end pipe hydrostatic test pressure, coupling. The worth of the enormous hydrostatic test pressure and the inner tension spillage obstruction is low, however the standard high strain is 69 MPa, and the determined strain esteem is by and large adjusted to near 0.5 MPa;
As per the Programming interface necessities, the hydrostatic tension test pressure estimating gadget ought to be adjusted inside 4 months before each utilization;
Assuming the interest side has unique prerequisites, a higher water powered test tension can be utilized;
Hydrostatic test spillage is the reason for dismissal;
Besides as in any case concurred between the buyer and the producer, the coupling clear, coupling material, close by materials or Q125 steel grade short areas are not needed to perform hydrostatic test;
Assuming the real hydrostatic tension test pressure can’t arrive at the standard strain because of gear reasons, it is important to advise the specialized division on schedule to do the relating system change.
The oil packaging water driven testing machine is utilized to test the bearing strain of the packaging, the exploratory tension is 70mpa, 9 5/8″, 7″, 5 1/2″, 5″, 4 1/2″, 3 1/2″ , 2 7/8 and different sleeves that meet various determinations of apispec5ct. The supercharged chamber is utilized for supercharging, the supercharging strategy is quick and solid, and the programmed control framework is prepared to show the tension bend continuously, yield the exploratory report, and save the test information.

The oil packaging can be separated into various steel grades as indicated by the strength of the prepare itself, in particular J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150, etc. The well conditions and well profundity are unique, and the steel grades utilized are likewise unique. The actual packaging is additionally needed to have erosion opposition in a destructive climate. It is additionally necessitated that the packaging has hostile to smashing properties in places with convoluted land conditions. The oil packaging is utilized to help the oil and gas well dividers to guarantee the typical activity of the whole well later the boring system is finished. Each well depends on various profundities of penetrating and topography, utilizing a few layers of packaging. Later the packaging is down, the concrete is to be established. It is not quite the same as the oil pipe and the drill pipe and can’t be reused. It is a dispensable material. Along these lines, the utilization of packaging represents over 70% of all oil well lines. Packaging can be isolated into: course, surface packaging, specialized packaging and oil packaging.

The American Oil Foundation Programming interface standard explicitly targets oil and gas: packaging, tubing and line pipe norms utilized in industry. In the norm, the packaging and tubing steel grades are partitioned into a few grades, specifically H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80, C-90, T-95, P-110, Q-125, each level has an alternate hotness process. In Programming interface 5CT , the unrefined components were separated into four gatherings. The principal bunch is H, J, K, N, the subsequent gathering is C, L, T, the third gathering is P, and the fourth gathering is Q. The numbers address the force level, and the codes K, N, L, C, and T don’t address anything to clarify. The accompanying numbers address the base yield strength of the material. The unit is KSI (thousands for every square inch), H, N, K, J is the principal bunch, the yield strength of the material is 200 MPa, L, C, T are two gatherings, the yield strength of the material is 100 MPa, P110 is the third gathering, and Q125 is the fourth gathering.

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