Ask an Image Consultant

An Image Consultant does private shopping but is not a Personal Shopper. An Image Consultant does styling for occasions, picture shoots etc, but isn’t a Stylist. Image Consultants are trained by way of masters and licensed by way of a professional business enterprise, the leader being the Association of Image Consultants International, encompassing 1300 contributors international over 40 nations.

2. How does Image Consulting paintings?

The majority Image experts observe a attempted and true 3 step method to make sure the maximum benefit to their one-on-one customer. The following is a description of my process, you may locate versions between specialists, however maximum will be much like this:

Step 1: Personal Consultation and Color Analysis
In your private home or office our first meeting starts offevolved with gaining knowledge of your expert and private dreams. This enables us make sure that your wardrobe might be absolutely in sync with your life-style. We talk your style alternatives and relate them to the way you presently get dressed. We explore a bit into the arena of fashion and I display you both a broader scope and nuances of clothing. I do a complete analysis to determine what colors look great on you, what traces of apparel as well as what patterns are quality, and which of them you need to keep away from.

Step 2: Closet Clearing and Wardrobe Analysis
Some clients approach this with some trepidation and then are overjoyed with the end result! Your closet is a “life tool”, and we paintings to align what you already personal to our finished evaluation. Some call this “buying for your closet”. We pinpoint the objects you have that surely praise your non-public and expert dreams and where a few gaps would possibly exist that may be crammed in. This session also includes matching help, tailoring advice of existing clothes and normally a couple Hefty garbage luggage!

Step 3: Personal Shopping
Shopping may be overwhelming. Some human beings deliver it a fraction of the time they want to, and others spend way to plenty time and grow to be with manner an excessive amount of stuff. Fortunately, having long gone thru Steps 1 and 2, we’ve the information and I even have the listing to make all of it a breeze! I pre-shop for you on the stores of your preference following your finances. You just show up to a stocked dressing room of pre-decided on options and I do all of the running. You go away in less time than you can imagine, and the whole thing seems outstanding because it could be matched to you primarily based on our analysis and my professional involvement.

3. How a lot does Image Consulting Cost?

Just like the whole thing, charges will vary depending at the enjoy of the consultant and the geographic place of the client. Affluent customers will fly in specialists, or join them on bi-annual vacation spot buying trips and spend tens of thousands. On the opposite aspect of the spectrum, a one-time customer can also want some help finding the right dress for a wedding, or the right healthy for an interview, and most effective need to invest a couple hundred bucks inside the process. Assume that city regions will set hourly expenses starting at $one hundred.00 an hour topping off at $250.00 relying at the enjoy of the consultant. Worth it? Well, what did you spend in garb last yr? $5000? $10,000? $15,000? Consider if the purchases you made could have been better selections if 10 to fifteen% of that price range had long past to getting the professional steerage that kind of funding deserves.

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