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Oracle 10G turned into launched in 2004 and Oracle 11G in 2007. The average time among releases for Oracle is a bit over three years, so Oracle 12c is already past due. However, there are nevertheless a number of Oracle Certified Database Administrators which have no longer upgraded their 9i certification. Keeping your Oracle certifications up-to-date enables to keep your awareness concerning the cutting-edge capabilities of the Oracle database, and it also enables to maintain your abilities applicable. IT experts that don’t constantly upload to their expertise as generation modifications will soon find that they’ve been left at the back of.

As a popular rule, having an Oracle certification to your resume provides for your price. I’ve seen in my personal career that this is the case. However, a resume with very dated certifications can provide a horrific influence. In addition to my Oracle certifications, I am a Certified Netware Engineer (you may bet how old that is) and a long-due to the fact expired Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I no longer show both of those certifications on my resume or LinkedIn page. Neither has any relevance to present day computing environment. Keeping them on my resume might provide the impact that I am ignorant of that. Once Oracle releases 12c, having 9i as the maximum recent Oracle certification to your resume may additionally produce extra terrible consequences than high quality ones.

That stated, I should assume that most people studying this text are both 9i licensed and are actively considering upgrading. When upgrading from 9i, one among the biggest questions is whether to first improve to 10G and then to 11G, or to improve without delay to 11G. The upgrade paths to be had are:

Upgrade in steps:

1Z0-040: Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators
1Z0_050: Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators
Upgrade immediately:

1Z0-0.5: Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs
There are advantages and drawbacks to every option. The professionals and cons of upgrading in steps are:


It doubles the value of the assessments.
It doubles the value of the look at substances.
It doubles the amount of time you will spend analyzing.
Oracle 10G is 8 years old and the range of agencies the usage of it is declining in preference to growing.

Being licensed in an unbroken string of releases helps to undertaking a non-stop affiliation and familiarity with the Oracle database.
There are nonetheless some of organizations using Oracle 10G, so being certified in it broadens your job potentialities.

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