Certified Virtual Assistant To Interview Potential Clients?

This question, whether or not it’s professional for a certified digital assistant to interview a capability customer came to me from a businesswoman who felt insulted. She had contacted a licensed virtual assistant (VA) however decided it wasn’t for her whilst she heard approximately the VA’s consultation method. She felt that the VA had no enterprise interviewing her, while she’d be the client paying the payments.

It’s in reality a terrific query and one foundational principle suggestions at the solution. Let’s explore that.

Are you looking to tango or line dance?

A wonderful ebook known as Dance Lessons by means of Chip R. Bell and Heather Shea makes use of five varieties of dance as metaphors for commercial enterprise relationships.

They examine working relationships that require a superb deal of consider, confidentiality, loyalty and the ability to “flow as one in no time, with minimal rationalization or dialogue” to the tango. At the alternative stop of the spectrum, line dance working partnerships are not symbiotic however paintings while “the convenience and comfort of an ongoing dating is most well known to a transient, transaction-specific encounter”.

Now, is the person who wants to “tango” better than the individual that’s searching out a “line dance” companion?

Of direction not. Naturally, however, the relationship goes to be extra a hit if both partners are running to the same cease.

And it’s in which it is able to get a chunk complex for the business proprietor looking for a VA, because with out a industry-wide standards for virtual assistance – no longer even a unmarried, popular definition of what a VA is – there are many “flavors” of virtual assistants out there.

You have VAs who define virtual assistants as professionals who offer virtual, throughout-the-board administrative guide to 3 customers in long time, collaborative relationships.

And you’ve got VAs whose agencies are constructed round imparting mission aid. They might also have repeat customers, but the courting is more of a transactional one.

As the capacity purchaser, you want to recognise what you are looking for.

When is an interview procedure appropriate? And how does an interview or session process advantage you?

I keep the perception that in shape is the single most crucial factor in figuring out whether the relationship between consumer and digital assistant may be a happy one.

For the purchaser who’s searching out occasional, transactional guide, line dancing as it have been, there’s probably no special need to spend loads of time speakme with the VA in advance of time. You just want to know if the VA has the vital skills and is dependable and the VA needs to know whether you will be first-rate or tough to paintings with and whether or not you will pay promptly.

But for the client who’d like someone to tango with, it is a very extraordinary story. In this near, collaborative sort of operating courting, you want to discover whether or not the 2 events simply mesh. Are their work styles, their personalities, their missions, and their values complementary? Are the specified skills there? Do you spot a basis for trust in the different birthday party.

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