Hypnosis Or a “Snake-Oil” Solution?

Slowly yet steadily, the power of hypnosis is recognized in all four corners of the globe.

Whether it’s about getting rid of that mannerism and addiction or motivating yourself in everything you do, hypnosis has proven time and again that it’s one of the most effective mental and medical tools one can have at his disposal to finally achieve those life-changing and positive effects that you’ve been desiring for the longest time!

It’s of little wonder heaps of e-books, MP3s, and guides claiming to be certified course hypnosis are cropping up online and offline.

And that’s something I should warn you about: not all so-called certified courses on hypnosis are created equal.

Others do deliver…but a lot, and by that I mean hundreds or even thousands of these certified course hypnosis come off as nothing but snake-oil – pure hype and empty promises.

You better believe me – my craving to harness the power of hypnosis is so intense I bought every CD, manual, and guide claiming to be certified course hypnosis that I’ve laid my eyes on.

Conversational Hypnosis by Clifford Mee is one of those certified course hypnosis that I was very skeptical to buy at first.

Heck, I almost rolled on the floor laughing after I read though their website!

The Triad Mee was talking about, the guarantees, and promises – they all sounded too good to be true.

I’ll admit if it wasn’t for the money-back guarantee they proudly posted on their website, I wouldn’t have bought Conversational Hypnosis

The question is: does Conversational Hypnosis really deliver the goods? Is it the certified course hypnosis that it’s raved to be?

Yes and no.

Confusing, isn’t it? But here’s why:

If you’re expecting a course that would turn your life around in one evening of listening to it…then this isn’t the certified course hypnosis that you’re looking for.

And I’d gladly bet a month’s salary that such a certified course hypnosis doesn’t exist.

You better spend that $197.00 on something else.

HOWEVER, if you’re looking for long-term results that you work for (with the help of Conversational Hypnosis of course) then I can confidently and happily recommend this certified course hypnosis to you!

With just one week of intense reading, listening, and absorbing the technique from Conversational Hypnosis, I was known as the member of our telephone company’s sales team who bags nothing less than 30 sales everyday!

The power to be confident, authoritative and VERY convincing literally made my clients say yes and agree to every word I say.

I’d say the limit of what this certified course hypnosis boils down to the limit you set.

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