Is Your Pallet Racking Certified?

The maximum critical questions you want to invite a yourself before you buy your Warehouse Racking structures:

1. Does your pallet racking meet the Australian Standards?
2. Has your pallet racking been licensed?

These are very good questions, because there is extra to pallet racking than meets the attention.

Australian Standards
Australian Standards are hooked up to guard purchasers in opposition to reasonably-priced inferior merchandise being made locally or imported and pallet racking isn’t any exception. The Australian Standard defines the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, and erection tolerances, test techniques, operation, and maintenance of pallet racking. In regards to Pallet Racking you have to ensure the product has been examined and rated in accordance with Australian Standard AS4084-1993. A lot of importers fall into the trap of saying that their pallet racking is licensed by their provider whilst in fact they need to hold the certificates themselves. The danger is that quite frequently the checking out has been finished by way of the provider remote places and now not performed by way of a licensed Australian trying out facility. The danger therefore is that they may have examined best tested part of their range and sooner or later the Racking you but will now not meet the ones standards.


On the alternative hand making sure the racking has been domestically certified will come up with and your personnel a complete stage of safety as now not only is each aspect tested however given a load rating as nicely. The largest testing facility in Australia is the Monash University and they will provide the product what’s referred to as


Some of the Certification checks that are done through the Monash University include…

Stub column tests
To decide the shape aspect (Q) of the perforated rack columns in accordance with AS 4084-1993, Clause 8.2 for the 90x70x1.8mm upright columns.

Pallet beam exams
To determine the bending pallet beam homes in accordance with AS4084-1993, Clause 8.3.1 for the 100x45x1.5 pallet beam segment.

Pallet beam to column connection tests
To decide the connection second, in accordance with AS4084-1993, Clause 8.4.1. “Cantilever check”, for the 90×70 column in combination of 100×45 beams.

Portal connection assessments
This check will be used to reap a joint spring constant wanted for semi inflexible frame evaluation, according with AS4084-1993, Clause 8.Four.2, “Portal check”, for the identical aggregate as in Section 1.4.

Coupon tensile exams
To decide the tensile yield power of the material used in making the beam and column sections, the specimens were taken from the column and beam sections examined.

Acquiring a certificates protects anybody, from the importer, supplier and the consumer who has an responsibility to deliver a secure operating surroundings. Today’s Occupational Health and Safety legal guidelines are so stringent which you could be taking an sizable threat in case you were to buy new or 2d hand pallet racking on your commercial enterprise from a supplier not able to provide a licensed product.

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