When Looking For a Great Reflexologist

This one question will excellent assist you separate the amateurs and the professionals. Reflexologists who want to be professional, turn out to be nationally licensed. In order to be licensed, you want to have as a minimum 200 hours of qualifying reflexology education, and successfully complete a sequence of tests. That’s the minimal wellknown for the complete united states. It’s additionally the excellent.

Lots of humans call themselves reflexologists when they may be certainly not properly skilled. You’ve probable already discovered this at the nail salon or at a spa. It takes place due to the fact all people can use the time period reflexology. That’s right. The phrase reflexology may be utilized by anybody for pretty much whatever! Shocking isn’t it?

Note: As a reflexologist, in case you are ARCB licensed, you must be shouting it from the best tree – or at least have “American Reflexology Board certified” on your enterprise card.

Hint: Don’t have cards?


Find out in case your practitioner’s similarly skilled and comfy training Hand and Ear, as well as, Foot reflexology.

Although hours of schooling does not a exquisite reflexologist make, someone who’s dedicated to the sector will have many greater training hours than the minimum requirement of 200 hours.

You want to realize that reflexology may be efficiently finished at the arms, ears and face (also practiced using the map of the frame) in addition to the ft. And your reflexologist desires to recognize this too.

In truth, the earliest reflexology charts, with the aid of Dr. Joe Riley, verify that the body’s systems and organs can be “reflexed” on these kind of areas.

Did you realize that reflexology on the hands can be more powerful than the ft for assisting sure respiratory troubles? The ears correspond powerfully to the skeletal machine and the face has an incredible effect on the whole fearful machine.

A big percentage of my students have three hundred – 500 hours of unique reflexology education. This covers the Foot, Hand, Face, Ear and electives, ie: meridian reflexology. If you need to train professionally, you should look for a software that offers as a minimum 350 hours.

All ARCB nationally certified reflexologists are required to take persevering with training credits.


Look for a professional presence, i.E., an office.

Yes… You could receive reflexology at home or… At the home of your practitioner. That’s k, however this reflexologist is probably operating casually, part-time.

If you want a expert practitioner with lots of revel in, a great signal is that they have an office or paintings at a reflexology based totally enterprise.

Most reflexologists are self hired. This method they do the marketing and the cleansing. Pooling sources in a common exercise and sharing the charges of workplace area and maintenance offers some of the first-rate answers for both a professional presence and price effectiveness. There also are corporations that provide reflexology solely.

Note: pedicure foot massage is virtually NOT reflexology – do not forget, they are able to call it reflexology when it really is not.


The fee time table ought to be indexed, clean to apprehend and truthful (as in regular with pleasant bodywork prices for your location).

Your practitioner ought to make it clean what their fees are. You additionally need to be knowledgeable of any additional fees and what the cancellation coverage is, should they have one. Most will require 24 hours word inside the occasion that there is a need to change the appointment time.

A reflexology practitioner is often a solo entrepreneur. That manner that they pay their personal payments and all of the fees of doing business.

For example, these costs can include; laundry, creams, lease, lighting, advertizing, education time, documentation time, conferences, persevering with education, and more. Because a reflexologist sees every consumer as particular, they’re additionally spending time between appointments doing research to make the consultation better for you.

If you are the purchaser and also you don’t show up for an appointment, you’ve got:

a) denied every other patron who needs the session the possibility to acquire it. I only book one individual for the time we agree upon. If someone else wants that appointment time I have to mention no. They lose out on a consultation time it truly is pleasant for them and their needs.

B) fee the practitioner cash. And, it is not simply rent and lighting. There have been times whilst my subsequent client has canceled after I’ve raced to my office from a domestic appointment downtown. In order to be on time, I’ve paid out of pocket for the cab fare.

If you are the practitioner, you need to inform your clients what your cancellation coverage is. You can’t assume them to understand your unique function as a solo-preneur in case your coverage isn’t made clear.


You can assume the same expert requirements and ethical practice from your reflexologist as from any holistic medical doctor.

In reality, we maintain our requirements very high.

There’s loads more than the “look and sense” elements of our business. Yes, you must count on to be at ease in a easy and neat office. And, anticipate that your practitioner will work inside your “comfort to pressure stage”.

Also, take into account that the records you deliver your reflexologist is exclusive. Your practitioner may talk anecdotally approximately any other client state of affairs to help you understand your personal, but if in any manner, you may likely become aware of that consumer… You need to discover every other practitioner.

You also can inn a complaint with the ARCB if a nationally certified practitioner acts unethically. (As a bodywork exercise, reflexology is the least prone to any misconduct.J)

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