IMPI Blue Force Tracking Device

The IMPI Blue Power GPS beacon is a multi reason CPU controlled GPS following modem giving a wide scope of correspondences capacities in either a safe military strategic climate or in a regular citizen climate. The IMPI position is transferred to a PC framework in a versatile, deployable of static control room, through GPRS or an Iridium Satellite Correspondence interface. This position can then be plotted and displayed on a topographical guide show.

Point by point Particular (PDF 272kb)

The interchanges information transporter for the position hand-off is resolved through a “smallest expense” instrument, implying that the GPRS information channel of the accessible GSM organization will naturally be chosen if accessible. Should no GMS network inclusion be accessible, the IMPI positional update will naturally be directed by means of the Iridium satellite organization. This implies that IMPI gives positional updates from any geographic situation on the planet, to any assigned control framework.

As these positional updates (GPRS or Iridium) will be transferred through the Web, information security can be guaranteed by encryption as per client details/necessities. IMPI offers an electronic point of interaction for the coordination of PDA/PCbased PC. Broad planning, informing and situational mindfulness usefulness can be added according to client prerequisite. IMPI can be utilized with Strategic Radios using the Inline Information Correspondence Unit (IDCU) from SAAB. This point of interaction can be modified according to client necessity and explicit radio usefulness. IMPI uses three sorts of correspondence mediums: Strategic Radios, GSM and Satellite Correspondence. (It follows “most minimal expense directing”- contingent upon the accessibility of the medium). The “update-rate” can be changed “on-the-fly” from the base station.

Key Highlights:

Upholds AT (Consideration) orders in modem mode.
Gives NMEA (Public Marine Gadgets Affiliation) ASCII strings for GPS information on outer port.
Encoded information messages (track and status data) to have server
Upholds client novel necessities:
Upholds Strategic Information Connection (TDL) message designs for track messages.
Upholds GTI (General Exchange Point of interaction) when connecting with TDL consistent specialized gadgets
Courses messages from outside figuring gadget to specialized gadgets.
Upholds Connection Control Usefulness.
Despite the fact that IMPI has a battery-powered inner battery it tends to be coupled to an outside power source. The battery is battery-powered from a 100V-240V AC power source as well as from a 12V-32V DC power source (by means of battery cinches, vehicle sigarette lighter and so on)