Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day – The Valentine’s Day

As sweethearts all over the planet gear up to commend this day of sentiment, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill at Darling Harbor is setting up our Valentine’s Menu and considering the global day of affection.

To check the event, we’ve aggregated five fun realities about Valentine’s Day and a little Greek history connecting with its reception.

Some time to get on

In all honesty, it took some time for Valentine’s Day as we comprehend it today to truly get on in Greece, and it was only after the 1980s that the occasion turned out to be broadly taken on.

At the time there was a little wavering and resistance about commending a Catholic Saint in a country with conventional roots. However, as could be, love wins, seeing Valentine’s Day celebrated excitedly every year on February 14 in Greece.

Greek starting points?

Albeit the advanced idea of Valentine’s Day showed up after the expected time in the game, some accept its ethos might have beginnings in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece.

Here, a celebration respecting Pan was hung on February 15 every year. Known as The Festival of the Arcadian Lykaia, this later turned into the Roman celebration Lupercalian, and later still was prohibited by Pope Gelasius in 496AD and renamed the Feast of Saint Valentine, hung on February 14.

Enormous love spenders

Obviously, in Australia Valentine’s Day is broadly celebrated, for certain fascinating insights demonstrating how we mark the day.

A concentrate by found Aussies who wedded over the most recent five years burned through $253 million on Valentine’ Day 2017.

This equivalents around $315 per individual on gifts.

An eating day

In the mean time, Valentine’s Day is the second greatest feasting day of the schedule, second just to Mother’s Day, as indicated by research directed by Dimmi.

Roses are red

Valentine’s Day sees bloom retailers more occupied than whenever of year, with up to 19 million stems of roses sold in Australia alone.

Yet, it’s not just about roses. As per the Sydney Morning Herald individuals are embracing an assortment of bloom types and tones basically to show they give it a second thought.

A table for two

Every year, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill praises the sentiment and marvel of adoration. Our cafĂ© highlights an extraordinary menu to stamp the event, alongside our noteworthy feeling and the choice of indoor or outside feasting.