Macaroni Recipes For Home

To four cupfuls of flour, add one egg all around beaten, and enough water to create a mixture that can be rolled. Fold meager on a breadboard and cut into strips. Dry in the sun. The best course of action for this object is a wooden casing to which a square of cheesecloth has been firmly attached, whereupon the macaroni might be laid in such a manner as not to contact, and subsequently covered with a cheesecloth to keep off the residue during the drying.
Bubbled macaroni
Put a huge cup of macaroni into bubbling water and cook until delicate. When done, depleted completely, then add a 16 ounces of milk, part cream on the off chance that it tends to be managed, a little salt and one all around beaten egg; mix over the fire until it thickens, and serve hot.
With cream sauce
Cook the macaroni as coordinated in the procedure, and present with a cream sauce ready by warming an inadequate 16 ounces of rich milk to bubbling, in a twofold heater. While bubbling, add a stacking tablespoonful of flour, scoured smoothed in a little milk and one-fourth teaspoonful of salt. Whenever wanted, the sauce might be seasoned by soaking in the milk prior to thickening for ten or fifteen minutes, a cut of onion or a couple of pieces of celery, and afterward eliminating with a fork.
With pureed tomatoes
Drop some macaroni into bubbling milk and water, equivalent parts. Allow it to bubble for 60 minutes, or until entirely delicate. Meanwhile set up the sauce by scouring a 16 ounces of stewed or canned tomatoes through a colander to eliminate all seeds and pieces. Hotness to bubbling, thicken with a little flour; a tablespoonful to the 16 ounces will be about the imperative extent. Add salt and whenever wanted, a half cup of exceptionally slim sweet cream. Dish the macaroni into individual dishes, and present with a little amount of the sauce poured over every cheesecloth.
Heated with granola

Cook an enormous cup of macaroni until delicate in bubbling milk and water. When done, channel and put a layer of the macaroni in the lower part of a pudding dish, and sprinkle over it a sparse teaspoonful of granola. Add a second and third layer and sprinkle each with granola; then turn over the entire a custard sauce ready by combining as one a 16 ounces of milk, the all around beaten yolks of two eggs or one entire egg, and one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt. Care ought to be taken to orchestrate the macaroni in layers freely so the sauce will promptly saturate the entirety. Prepare for a couple of moments in particular, until the custard, has very much set, and serve.
Eggs and macaroni
Cook some macaroni in bubbling water. While the macaroni is cooking, pressed the yolks of four eggs until coarse. The entire egg might be utilized assuming that got so the cheesecloth is coarse in the whites just jellied, not solidified. At the point when the macaroni is done, channel and put a layer of it organized freely in the lower part of a pudding dish. Cut the cooked egg yolks and spread a layer of them over the macaroni. Fill the dish with substitute layers of macaroni and egg, taking consideration to have the top layer of macaroni. Pour over the entire a cream sauce ready as follows: Heat one and three-fourths cup of rich milk to bubbling, add one-fourth teaspoonful of salt and one stacking spoonful of flour focused on smooth a little virus milk. Cook until thickened, then, at that point, turn over the macaroni. Sprinkle the top with ground bread morsels, and brown in a hot broiler for eight or ten minutes. Serve hot.