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In 1997, we were quick to present the idea of online serious easygoing game rivalries. We made the most ideal Classic Solitaire game (Tournament Solitaire) and in doing so made the principal competition arrangement of its sort. We sent off our site and since the time we have been making new web based games and expanding the quantity of competitions we have while growing an extraordinary group of players.

Competition members acquire prizes for their exhibition of expertise and speed in our expertly coordinated internet based rivalries. Players enter online competitions by buying game tokens on The winner(s) gather an award in light of a level of competition prize pot included passage charges (game tokens). The award satchel for a particular competition relies upon the quantity of members and how much passage game tokens gathered.

We offer our players a cutting edge, live multi-player gaming experience where individuals can play an assortment of free ability based games and contend in charge based web-based competitions against different individuals to win prizes. We have these expertise based competitions for our individuals who blossom with cutthroat play. We furnish our players with a protected multi-player gaming stage where we have and manage serious internet based competitions, appropriate awards and keep up with part’s records for an easy to use engaging web-based insight.

Competitions Type

We offer our players the accompanying sorts of competitions:

Restricted Entry (LM) these competitions will have restricted accessible sections and when every one of its entrances are spent the competition will end and the player in 1St spot will win and be grant its award.

Run to Score (STS) these competitions will have an objective score and the player who makes that score first will win. When this happens the competitions will end and that player will be grant the award.

Run to Level (STL) these competitions will have a game levels that should be reached. The primary player to accomplish that target level will win the competition.


There are different ways of procuring Promo Tokens on the Website or through programs, free game plays and solicitations presented by TG or TG’s colleagues. Tokens can be reclaimed for extraordinary section into TG advancements and giveaways. Later on, Promo Tokens might be recovered for advanced or other virtual resources and different honors of any sort or still up in the air by TG.