Become the Hero – Battle the Robots

Envision yourself as a development laborer in New York City; you have quite recently finished a decent half day of work and you are calmly partaking in your lunch. Whenever you turn upward to partake in the astonishing horizon of NYC, there is a robot armed force attacking your cherished city. How might you respond? Clearly you would get a nailer and begin smashing a few robots!

The Hero

This is by and large the thing you get to do in the new habit-forming iOS game called Crushin’ Robots NYC. In this exceptionally engaging game you assume the part of an easygoing development specialist who assumes on the liability of saving the city from attacking robots. The man gets his pneumatic nailer and starts bringing down the robots however the rushes of the robots continue to please!

The development laborer needs to gather scraps to get sufficiently close to new weapons and overhaul the current weapons. He utilizes everything available to him to battle the robots, things that you typically wouldn’t use as weapons. Be that as it may, it’s anything but an ordinary time when your house is being attacked by insane and horrible executioner robots.

Through all of this, you need to direct the legend as he attempts to guard NYC from the robots. You can begin by introducing this game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod contact. It will furnish you with long periods of quick moving interactivity with fantastic and simple to deal with controls.

The Weapons

Beside the pneumatic nailer, the development laborer has propane tanks, cinderblocks, blocks, destroying ball thus numerous different things to pulverize the robots with. Fundamentally, he will effectively utilize anything available to him to smash the robot armed force.

Crushin’ Robots NYC offers astounding illustrations which will truly detonate in a whirlwind of varieties and animation put together savagery with respect to your gadget’s retina show. This free robot game will keep you engaged for quite a long time with its astounding illustrations which make the interactivity vivid.

The Enemy

The robot armed force is enormous and they won’t quit coming. There are snort robots, quick robots, flying robots thus many, some more. They will keep you honest and occupied with the game. The legend a.k.a. the development laborer, additionally has the choice of bringing in certain fortifications when he gets overpowered however first you need to assist him with topping off his piece meter.

How might you deal with all that you inquire? By squashing a few robots and gathering their piece obviously.