Gamewad – The New World of Counter Strike

The universe of Counter Strike and internet gaming has been advancing since the time the initiation of multiplayer games. Its development eased back for a brief period, in any case, the new renditions have guaranteed that the advancement of the game isn’t impeded in any capacity. Perhaps the most effective way to guarantee that the game stays up float is through online multiplayer stages for this game.


One such stage is that of Gamewad, which was begun to guarantee that the publicity and the energy of the game remained in one piece. Remaining consistent with the soul of the game, Gamewad gives an internet based stage to players where they test their ability against one another. The idea of Gamewad is genuinely straightforward. The stage draws in enthusiasts of this game and urges them to convey and share their encounters also. These players can play against each other to partake in the game or they can play the game to help each other improve too.


Gamewad gives an additional benefit to the gamers who are Counter Strike fans by giving them an opportunity to bring in money for their abilities. This stage puts together week by week and month to month competitions. Anyway they need to sign in to get to the competitions at Gamewad.

The competition requires the players to pay a base purchase in to enter the opposition. When the prerequisites for the quantity of players are met, the match begins. The group which has the better details toward the finish of the game dominates. The triumphant group gets a money sum out of the pool of assets made from the up front investment charges.

The Tournament

The competition rotates around a guide. The guides will be the standard ones that generally Counter Strike players know about. It very well may be a Dust 2 guide or some other which could require the players to manage prisoner circumstances or bomb planting and dissemination. According to the norm of Counter Strike, the players will be separated into two groups specifically, Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. To win each group needs to either take out the other or needs to satisfy the targets of the guide.

For example, on a guide like Dust2, the Terrorists will be expected to either kill every one of the Counter Terrorists or plant the bomb at foreordained bomb destinations and effectively watch it until it goes off.

The counter fear based oppressors, then again will be expected to kill everything the psychological militants before the explosive is planted or disarm the bomb before it goes off, to win