3 Old School Games of Singapore And Where to Find Them

‘Gasing’, ‘Five Stones’ and ‘Chapteh’ may sound new to the typical 8 year old youngster today yet for the 90’s children, these terms raise nostalgic recollections. Some time before cell phones and handheld contraptions, kids in Singapore grew up playing with toys made of paper, quills and even sticks! Recollect the days spent attempting to adjust on one foot while kicking your chapteh? Here is a rundown of where you can in any case find your experience growing up toys at.

1. Find ‘Gasing’ at Mareara Trading

For more than 30 years Mareara Trading has been pleasing clients with its exemplary games in Bukit Merah. A shelter for rare game darlings, the shop front’s kaleidoscope of varieties instigate affectionate memory of bygone times. A veteran of the exchange, the proprietor’s campaign to protect conventional toys in Singapore is presently on the web. Pictures of Mr Seow’s handiworks are gladly shown on Kampong Wonderland, a Facebook page made by his family companion. Gasing, the quintessential youth toy, and other conventional game sets can be viewed as here.

2. Find ‘Five Stones’ at Old School delights











Settled in the midst of a line of diners, bars and enhancement focuses, this outdated bistro at Upper Thomson Road is an unlikely treasure. The casual outside may not grab your eye from the beginning, but rather once you step in, you would have no desire to leave void finished. The blackboard walls and wooden tables bring out affectionate recollections of one’s experience growing up and make a laid-back setting. With games like Five Stones, Old Maid and Kuti organized conveniently onto racks, one can’t resist the urge to feel like a kid once more. Accessible for procurement, these likewise make extraordinary gifts for companions!

Old School Delights is situated at 215M Upper Thomson Road, 574349

3. Find ‘Chapteh’ at the One Nation Run

Held at the Marina Barrage, the lady One Nation Run is the ideal area to partake in a day of nostalgic exercises. Aside from a 5km relaxed run, members can partake in an excursion and furthermore anticipate a festival loaded up with old school games. Race loads accompany a kite each and festival tokens worth 30 bucks. Rather than spending the public occasion at home, go for a stroll through a world of fond memories with youth games like chapteh, zero point and five stones! New amusement park pleasures can likewise be found at the occasion.