5 Unusual Sports

Any semblance of football, hockey and b-ball might draw in avid supporters from everywhere the world however there are a few games that don’t have a huge following. From boat races on dry land to football in a sloppy lowland here are a couple of the most strange donning exercises played all over the planet.

Henley on Todd Regatta (Todd River Race)

Individuals of Alice Springs don’t let absence of water prevent them from holding a regatta! The Henley on Todd is an odd yearly boat race hung on the dry sandy bed of the Todd River. Rowers take on the appearance of privateers or Vikings and oar their boats with sand scoops. The dashing boats are produced using huge metal edges yet can likewise be baths, human-sized hamster haggles adjusted to seem to be boats. The groups are furnished with flour bombs and water guns which they fire at oponents and observers. This senseless display is held in August every year.

Swamp football

Swamp football is a type of affiliation football where the battleground is fill in for a sloppy bog. It began in Finland as a technique for preparing for competitors and warriors, as the undertaking of pulling your body across the thick marsh is genuinely requesting. In significant competitions, the “swamp” is only a wet sloppy field 60m x 35m in width and length. The principal World Championship occurred in 2000 in Hryrynsalmi northern Finland. Different varieties of affiliation football incorporate volata, submerged rugby and three-sided football.












Submerged hockey

You needn’t bother with a ton of creative mind to grasp what this game resembles. Occurring at the lower part of a pool, two groups contend by striking the puck into the objectives. The game is played all over Australia and competitions are customary.


Buzkashi is a primitive old game likened to polo and the public game of Afghanistan. In contrast to the exemplary game of polo notwithstanding, a headless corpse of a goat is utilized instead of a ball. The object of the game is to carry the cadaver to the scoring objectives, which demonstrates a troublesome errand in the event that you’re playing against furious contenders or “chapandaz”. It is viewed as a seriously hazardous game, yet preparing for the two ponies and players is fundamental in limiting the gamble of injury.


As the name recommends, footvolley is a mix of football and ocean side volleyball. It started in Brazil during the 1960s and consolidates the principles of ocean side volleyball with ball-contact rules taken from soccer (football). Players are not permitted to contact the ball with their hands, utilizing their feet to kick the ball over the net all things being equal. Footvolley has spread in prevalence throughout the long term.