Amir King Khan

Amir King Khan wear 30,000 Pounds Shorts on thirteenth December 2014 against USA Boxer Devon Alexander for shielding welterweight title. Amir King Khan will wear shorts worth up to 30,000 when he battles Devon Alexander for the WBC Silver welterweight title on thirteenth December Saturday night. In the event that the Bolton fighter won that battle, he has an extraordinary opportunity to be accessible for the enormous cash battle against undefeated Floyd Mayweather in his next battle booked in May 2015.

Amir King Khan till presently took part in 32 boxing battles, from which he won 29 battles and lost three battles. Then again his rival fighter Devon Alexander come to the ring multiple times and twice he lost from his adversary in the ring that is the reason this is a hard looking battle between the expert fighters of the world.

Amir King Khan famous for his fast hand speed and his footwork towards his adversary during the game, his hand power likewise give him a high ground on his rival players as he knockout his rival in the ring multiple times in the set of experiences.

This Amir King Khan versus Devon Alexander battle will be urgent for the both contender in light of the fact that both the warrior will actually want to push ahead to next division in the wake of dominating the match, especially for British Boxer this battle has more qualities for the following year. US of America genius previously wouldn’t battle against Amir King Khan since he thought there is a contrast among them and Amir King Khan in light of the fact that in the last battle when Amir King Khan proposition to Floyd Mayweatehr to battle with him he denied and takes on Argentina fighter Marcos and crushed him, presently on the off chance that the Amir King Khan won the today battle and guard his WBC Silver weight title then Floyd Mayweather should confront him in next battle.

Amir King Khan praised his 28th birthday celebration on Monday night and said in a meeting that he will battle this coordinate with full power and in the event that dominated the match, devote this battle for my girl so when she goes to class she will actually want to tell their colleagues that her dad was a boss and his family glad on him.

The main thing about Amir King Khan versus Devon Alexander battle is that British Boxer will wear 30,000 coast gold made shorts in that battle which made by Sheffield based organization. Amir King Khan said that to turn into the top dog then he will battle in USA since it’s a spot from which the ubiquity is gain in the entire universe of boxing.