Best Literary Magazines Accepting Submissions

About: VQR is searching for both short fiction and genuine entries. For fiction, they ask that it be between 2,000-8,000 words, and they determine that they normally aren’t keen on sort fiction, similar to sentiment or dream. For true to life, they have a word count between 3,500-8,00 and they note that they seldom distribute journals or things that arrangement inside oneself.

Understanding Fee: None

Accommodation Period: July first 31st

2. Threepenny Review

Around: Threepenny Review acknowledges a wide range of entries. They ask that accounts and journals be 4,000 words or less. They note in their rules that each exposition submitted to them should have the option to contact a public crowd. They don’t acknowledge messaged entries, just sent ones or entries that pass through their internet based framework.

Understanding Fee: None

Accommodation Period: January first June 30th

3. McSweeney’s

About: McSweeney’s distributes both fiction and genuine entries. There are no standards, and they request to look at their Quarterly to see the sorts of work they are keen on. There are no length limitations, no subject limitations.

Understanding Fee: None

Accommodation Period: All year

4. Street

About: Boulevard acknowledges fiction and genuine, and the effectively urge less experienced scholars to submit. They acknowledge different entries however require a month between submitting work. They request that parts be 8.000 words or less, and they truly do have a few limitations on fiction classes.

Understanding Fee: $3 if submitting on the web, none if submitting by post

Accommodation Period: October first May first

5. NY Literary Magazine

About: NY Literary Magazine is tolerating brief tale entries. There is no type limitation, and essayists might submit up to five stories. The word count ought to be 2,000 words or less.

Understanding Fee: None