Burning Man From Germany

The differentiation can’t exactly be more prominent. At the previous military, Russian airbase , around 125 kilometers north of Berlin , it vanished 51 weeks per year. Yet, toward the finish of June huge number of freethinkers, frequently joined by sparkle all over and decoration on their heads, go to that very place. Why? For Фузион. Be that as it may, for the people who can’t peruse a Cyrillic content, “Combination” may sound somewhat more natural.

Liberated from biases

From the charming hipster, to the intense rocker, to a baby who meanders with his free-thinking guardians: at Fusion you will track down a wide range of various kinds. Be that as it may, with these depictions we really overlook what’s really important right away, in light of the fact that setting individuals in boxes isn’t the very thing Fusion is about. As per Fusions site, this variety, joined with similar normal longing for a superior world, makes the celebration unique. “It is critical that all Fusionists from each side of each and every mainland meet,” they compose. “Liberated from limits or bias.”

Only a tad bit unique

All that about Fusion is hostile to business. There is no aim to publicize the celebration. There are no promotions or supporters at the celebration by the same token. You can scour all around the web however you won’t find an authority after film, they have no online entertainment, no press are gladly received and the utilization of cell phones and cameras is additionally firmly deterred. This is on the grounds that the association ‘needs to recount to the story through the eyes of the guest’ and no other individual. And furthermore a piece since ‘we can undoubtedly manage without those endless terrible photographs and exhausting recordings that seem online after the celebration.’ (Aunt Cor, would you say you are perusing?)


This ‘radical like’ character is inseparably connected to Fusion. The initiators called Kulturkosmos needed (there is once more) to arrange non-business occasions to unite artistic expressions and subcultures. In 1996 they leased the air terminal for their first ‘meeting’. However, in 1997, Fusion was brought into the world under that name, and after a decade the celebration got 36,000 guests. A number that would just get higher.

Drug conversation

Toward the finish of the 90s, individuals from the Kulturkosmos needed more conviction and inquired as to whether they could purchase the land, however this caused a great deal of inconsistencies from individuals who lived nearby. The analysis was about a few focuses, yet the inhabitants principally depicted celebration participants as medication clients and they saw that as risky. In any case, in 2001 it succeeded. Presently Kulturkosmos deals with the abandoned air terminal and Fusion could on a fundamental level go on perpetually on the grounds that it is coordinated on ‘confidential property’.











Illegal for Nazis

The coordinators are extremely mindful of the historical backdrop of the air terminal, where the two Nazis and casualties from death camps worked. Dynamic move is being made to forestall Nazis (and Nazi-related attire, for example, the ‘Thor Steinar’ brand). (The kid in the photograph above is absolutely looking and the work of art underneath could likewise be intended for a similar gathering.)

Should likewise be possible without cash

Around 8,000 workers currently cooperate to revamp Fusion consistently into their own Disneyland. Albeit these accounts might help you to remember the American Burning Man , there is a significant contrast. The initiators could as of now have expanded their ticket costs to the Burning Man corner, however didn’t do this intentionally. For around 125 euros you can submerge yourself in Fusions heaven for a couple of days.


Notwithstanding incalculable notable and (un) notable craftsmen who visit huge, little and secret temporary positions, there is something else to encounter at Fusion. Men’s club, dance exhibitions, addresses, studios, game lobbies, ‘photograph corners’ where you will be duplicated, glass showers in the vicinity where individuals won’t hesitate to strip down and just eat vegan food. In any case, anything the programming, in the end it seems like the general idealistic air and the extra break from the ‘genuine’ that made Fusion extraordinary.