Castlevania Mirrof of Fate – The Return of Dracula Saga

What could be more adrenaline helping and energizing then, at that point, crossing the Gothic profundities of Dracula’s palace? No, this isn’t the reason to a forthcoming Hollywood creation. I’m alluding to the most recent portion of Castlevania establishment to be delivered on the Nintendo 3DS stage. Masters of Shadows is a 2D version, the signs of which are showy and truly enjoyable to execute combos, some clever complicatedly woven in platforming and staggering supervisor battles.


The narrative of the game disentangles by following the adventures of two relatives of the incredible Gabriel Belmont. Players would step in the shoes of Simon Belmont, the secretive Alucard lastly Simon’s dad, Trevor Belmont. The greater part of the story is let in flashbacks know which interconnects the situation that happened previously and paving the way to the present. Disclosing any longer right now about the plot, which has some truly stunning minutes available for the players, would be really unjustifiable. We should simply say that the secret of why the Belmont faction has been going head to head against Dracula for ages is at last given a more exhaustive treatment. This might be likened to revamping the book as a large number of the fans would indignantly bring up, yet the final product is very fulfilling.

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The game puts accentuation on whip play as every one of the three playable characters use a variation of it. The designers have limited (to my complete disappointment) the use of supernatural spells and have restricted to their utilization to an uncommon few events. The fight framework is very great as players are urged to evaluate showy combos and make sense of which ones are pretty much viable against a specific sort of foe. The combo connecting (when you sort out the timing and the pecking order) is compensated liberally.

Platforming is one more exceptionally unmistakable element of the game and has been inventively amalgamated with battle. The players would end up going head to head against terrible monsters while endeavoring to arrange interesting stages and fissure. Ecological riddles are another praiseworthy element and some are carefully created and would require some cerebrum raking to sort out.

Minor Flaws

With all that I have written down in enthusiasm for this game, it’s not without a few minor defects. Most importantly, the excess of QTE (fast time occasions), in any event, when the circumstance doesn’t call for them, can be an irritation. The designated spots follow a similar course as the QTE’s and decrease the sensation of looming destruction, which is a significant component for a game like this. The singular person creating of the fundamental characters might have been dealt with better by adding more material and profundity.


Minor burdens asides; Mirror of Fate is a completely charming 2D spectacle! The makers of the game were sufficiently fearless to embrace an immense gamble by straying from the legend of the first game. It was a bet and if you were to ask me it paid off. It’s an engaging game which would pursue every one of the new comers to the series as well as devoted devotees of the incredible Castlevania series.