Dhyan Chand – The Wizard Of The Ball

While practically all of are know all about the existence history of the incomparable Sachin Tendulkar, or the bashful Bhaichung Bhutia, not many of us would have even heard the name of Mr Dhyan Chand. Does it sound familiar? Truly, for me it didn’t, in a time where the main games for us Indians are Cricket and Football, Hockey is by all accounts like the oddball.

Yet, going a little into its profundity, I was shocked to know that really it was rarely something similar. Truth be told India during the 1900s was the prevailing country in the hockey field and, surprisingly, won three Olympic gold decorations during those years with the commitment of Dhyan Chand, what then’s identity was broadly known as the “wizard” due to his brilliant control ready. So dear perusers, Mr Dhyan Chand was the most popular Indian Hockey player. Simply a concise history into this miracle man’s life:











Brought into the world on 29 Aug 1905, to a Rajput family in Uttar Pradesh. Dhyan Chand’s dad was in the British Indian Army and was a devoted hockey player. His father’s military work implied they moved a great deal of spots, lastly got comfortable Jhansi. He as a kid was not excessively enthused about hockey, but rather once he enlisted in the Indian Army at the youthful time old enough of 16, he began playing it for them. One more fascinating story is that he used to rehearse around evening time in the fields after the moon came up (there were no flood lights then, at that point) and that is the way he procured his renowned last name ‘chand’ in a real sense meaning the moon. Soon after, He was chosen for the Army Team, which was to visit New Zealand and there was no thinking back from that point forward. The group won 18 matches, getting acclaim from all observers. Getting back to India, Chand was promptly elevated to Lance Naik. The group as a matter of fact won 3 gold decorations in the 1928,1932 and 1935 Olympic games.

So a lot was the flash of this famous player that his heritage spread in India as well as abroad too. A cylinder station in London has been named after him. He was so speedy and exact with his developments with the stick that in the Netherlands, the specialists broke his hockey stick to check assuming that there was a magnet inside.

Dhyan Chand was without a doubt the trailblazer of India Hockey and furthermore liable for its fame over time. Tragically, the game gradually lost its appeal, yet at the same time in this nation of numerous conceivable outcomes, we have youthful wannabes like Dhyan Chand hanging tight for their most memorable break. Allow us to perceive and regard them now!