Different Strokes For Indian Folk

It is expressed that with a cherished wellspring pen, the essayist expects a quality of achievement as they practice the specialty of fine penmanship. Composing with a wellspring pen is a heartfelt connection to our past culture that permits an individual articulation that can’t be copied by the present types of correspondence. The nature of a wellspring pen relies upon the nature of its instruments and one significant component of a wellspring pen is its nib.

Mariner pen, the has consistently kept up with its legacy and notoriety for the best quality nibs with the smoothest composing. Mariner pens have an extraordinary scope of nibs of the greatest quality. Keeping that in mind, Sailor is lucky to partake in the amazing ability of expert Nib Designer Nobuyoshi Nagahara.

For almost sixty years, Nobuyoshi Nagahara has energetically become one with his specialty. Mr. Nagahara actually supervises and coordinates the plan cycle of Sailor’s special nibs. These pens, very much like the man that created them, are genuinely one of a kind in plan, character and character. Fine pen nibs must be delivered by expertly talented specialist who carefully produce them individually…

Yukio Nagahara is the child of Nobuyoshi Nagahara, an incredibly famous nib trained professional. At 21, Yukio emulated his dad’s example, and joined Sailor’s assembling division, where he was prepared by his dad in the abilities and methods of pen making. Throughout the long term, Mr. Nagahara has consummated the specialty of nib making, and is credited with the development of the Sai-bi Togi, an Extra Fine Nib, and the best on the planet. An energetic nib creator, Mr. Nagahara navigates the globe, directing pen-studios, and furthermore invests energy with his dad, making Nagahara Nibs











To remember this unbelievable nib ace and Sailor, creators of the world’s smoothest pen, William Penn – The World Pen Store will lead an exceptional studio, Different Strokes without precedent for India. This 2-day nib fix and support studio will be held in Delhi and Mumbai, in relationship with Sailor. This studio will give pen fans a unique chance to meet and watch Master Nib Designer Yukio Nagahara create and tweak nibs. This mark occasion comes to India, following a mind-boggling reaction in various nations like Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The studio will likewise highlight Sailor restricted version assortments, flown in from Japan.

Date: 25th and 26th August, 2010

Scene: William Penn Store, Select City Walk Mall, Delhi

Time: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Date: 28th and 29th August, 2010

Pen Connoisseurs are welcome to bring along a wellspring pen, regardless of brand, for free nib fix, change and crushing by Mr. Nagahara. An earlier meeting with Mr. Nagahara will be essential. Intrigued individuals can enlist at the William Penn Stores situated in urban areas like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad and Chennai. Enrollment should likewise be possible online at the store’s site: www.williampenn.net.