Divi Flamingo Bonaire to Welcome Back Diving Legends During Reunion Week in June

Plunging “legends” who have helped towards the outcome of Divi Flamingo Beach Resort on the island of Bonaire have been welcome to go to an exceptional get-together occasion one month from now to commend the retreat’s 60th commemoration.

Divi Flamingo has welcomed notable plunging specialists and industry pioneers, for example, Max Hillier, Peter A. Hughes, Alan Jardine, Harry Ward, and Craig Burns as well as previous clients who have delighted in scuba jumping occasions at the hotel to participate in the festivals.

Bonnie Hanley from Divi Resorts remarked: “A many individuals have put a part of their professions in jumping to make Divi Flamingo the famous retreat it is today. We’re making a move to praise their commitments AND likewise welcome previous Divi clients and jumpers to return and remember a portion of their incredible Bonaire encounters.”

The get-together will occur from sixteenth to 23rd June, 2012 and is only one of the numerous occasions that have been arranged by the jumping resort this year.

Divi Flamingo has sent off a few advancements and occasions all through 2012 to commend the commemoration, for example, superstar visitor appearances, limits, a Master Class with Stephen Frink, and exceptional scuba jumping bundles.

During May this year, voyagers who pursue drawn out scuba jumping occasions will get three free evening boat plunges.











The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort is situated in one of the top scuba plunging objections on the planet. The island of Bonaire is arranged 30 miles from Curacao in the Caribbean and is prestigious for its commitment towards marine protection. The isle is encircled by a flourishing coral reef which offers an assortment of jumping locales for scuba plunging and swimming lovers and the whole shoreline has been pronounced as a marine safe-haven to save the delicate marine species.

While scuba making a plunge the Caribbean location, jumpers can swim in perfectly clear, quiet, warm turquoise sea waters while investigating the stunning marine climate that is home to many types of energetic exotic fish and wonderful marine animals.

The General Manager of Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, Sara Matera, added: “Bonaire is an exceptional spot and this commemoration is positively something we are extremely glad for. It’s motivation to return to Bonaire to assist us with celebrating.”