Get Yourself to These Beautiful Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Tourism – Maharashtra is among the least-investigated states concerning regular allure. Obscure to many, it is the home of various shocking slope stations and various cascades separated from its famous sea shores and farmlands. We have consistently referred to Maharashtra as one of the creating states in India. Nonetheless, it in like manner houses large numbers of wonders which are covered under the arms of nature.

From cascades to woodlands and slope stations to timberlands, Maharashtra own beginning and end. What about looking at the neglected cascades in Maharashtra this season? Preceding it gets past the point of no return and the water of these falls evaporate, gather your packs and be on the course bringing about these shocking cascades.


Devkund Waterfall lies in the Raigad region of Maharashtra and is a famous region for outing darlings. It is a sort of plunge cascades tumbling from a monstrous stone, thus, offering its guests with astounding perspectives. It is known for its unmistakable water and is accessible following a 3-hour journey from the base.


Tumbling from the level of 853 feet, Vajrai is among the best cascades in the territory of Maharashtra and lies at a scope of around 27 km from Satara close to Sahyadri scope of mountains. Encircled by rich vegetation and lavish plant life through soft grass and wonderful trees, Vajrai Waterfall is in like manner notable among adventurers.

On the off chance that you are anticipating arriving at the foundation of the cascade and scrubbing down in its new and loosening up water, then you must be cautious as the slants are very hazardous during the rainstorm season. You can moreover go to Sajjangad and Urmodi Dam which are situated close to Vajrai Waterfall


Found at a scope of 100 km from Nanded, Sahatrakund Waterfall is well known among local sightseers for the presence of various sanctuaries in its area. The water of Sahatrakund Waterfall is viewed as profound by various and is similarly accepted to have recuperating homes.

All through the storm season, this beautiful cascade turns into a significant night area for occupants and locals dwelling in its space. It is similarly an end of the week area for photographic artists and bird watchers.


Palasdari Waterfall is a must-visit cascade on the off chance that you are trying to loosen up your whole self in the midst of the tune of nature unendingly. Situated close to Mumbai, it is effectively open by street and you really want not journey a lot to arrive at this cascade.

Be that as it may, all through the storm season, it turns out to be difficult to move up the stones because of their inconsistent surface while heading to this cascade. There are likewise various different spots of interest close to Palasdari Waterfall like Maharaj Akkalkot Math. What about finding its secret magnificence?


Situated at a scope of 30 km from Nashik, Dugarwadi Waterfall stays overflowed with water all through the year because of which it is a significant traveler objective. It is encircled by rich fields covered with green vegetation and is known for its spotless and unpolluted water spouting down the levels of the slopes. Dugarwadi Waterfall should be your next objective assuming that you are planning to look at immaculate cascades in Maharashtra.


Kataldhar Waterfall is just for the people who like testing the levels and issues coming their direction during investigations. Found in the Pune area of Maharashtra, Kataldhar Waterfall isn’t effectively accessible. You need to become familiar with the nuts and bolts of going before you head towards this covered cascade as you should go up two or three kilometers through the thick woodlands of the valley.

As the cascade stays dry consistently, you want to look at Kataldhar Waterfall just during the rainstorm season. You can likewise visit Rajmachi Fort which is situated in its area.