Heroes of Newerth – Soul Stealer Guide

The clerics tell young fellows destined for the front line that assuming they fall, Elysian fields and harmony looks for them. Be that as it may, this isn’t totally obvious, not as long as the Soulstealer strolls the front line. Gathering the spirits of those he kills in a horrendous, shadowy sack, he expands his own power with their torment. The people who see him tremor in dread to know that passing, as far as they might be concerned, will be no delivery, yet just a red hot bondage and blankness.

Assault Type àRanged à Damage à35 – 41 à Range à500 à Attacks/Sec. à 0.71

Essential Attribute: Agility

Str: 15

Agi: 20

Intl: 18

Nitty gritty Attributes

Development Speed: 300

Str per Level: 2.0

Agi per Level: 2.4

Int per Level: 2.0

Protection Information

Shield: 1.8

Dmg. Decrease: 10%

Wizardry Armor: 5.5

Wizardry Dmg. Decrease: 25%

Devil Hand

Soulstealer calls upon the more noteworthy Hellbourne daemons to destroy to the foes before him.

Activity: Facing











Type: Enemy Units

Type: Magic
Sweep: 275
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 10.0 Seconds
Required Level: 1/3/5/7

Bargains 75/150/225/300 Magic harm to each objective in sweep.


Soulstealer takes the spirits of all he vanquishes, expanding his harm as his assortment develops.


Required Level: 1/3/5/7

On Kill
Adds one charge

Adds 2 harm for each charge to assaults. Passing on will make you lose half of your charges.

Limit of {8,15,23,30} Souls.


Soulstealer’s appearance ingrains unadulterated apprehension. Debilitating the foes confidence, his simple presence brings down their covering.

Activity: Passive

Required Level: 1/3/5/7

Air Effects
Sweep: 900
Target: Enemy Units
-2/ – 3/ – 4/ – 5 Armor

Soul Burst

Soulstealer discharges deluges of negative energy in view of the quantity of spirits he has gathered. Every deluge harms close by adversaries. The nearer an adversary is, the more deluges he’ll get hit by.

Activity: Target Self

Type: Enemy Units

Type: Magic
Sweep: 700
Project Time: 1.7 Seconds
Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 120.0/110.0/100.0 Seconds
Required Level: 6/11/16

Discharges one downpour for each 2 spirits that the Soulsteal capacity right now has.

Every downpour bargains 80/120/160 Magic harm. Applies Soul Burst to adversaries in span.

Soul Burst Effects
-15/ – 20/ – 25% Base Damage
15/20/25% Movement Slow