How to Choose Women’s Bowling Shoes? Read This Article to Find Out

As per the figures I approach Storm bowling is the forerunner on the lookout for bowling balls and is the second biggest sacks producer in the States. Perhaps hence they call themselves THE Bowler’s Company and I concur with that assertion.

Until quite a while back when it came to shoes Storm Bowling were mysteriously gone

I would dare to say that nobody anticipated that except for some way or another Storm bowling figured out how to pull it off and their 2013 line of bowling shoes for ladies that I need to discuss now is perfect.

Storm Windy is the least expensive shoe in the line – it sells for $58.99. I’d say in the event that you’re simply beginning or view yourself as a mid-level bowler this could be the shoe you want. Anyway assuming you imagine that nearly $60 for a couple of bowling shoes is a ton I’d suggest that you look at the line of Brunswick shoes. Highlight wise the Windy has a non-stamping elastic outsole, push-off sole, u-throat upper example and a manufactured upper.

In the event that you are searching for bowling shoes inside the $60 territory yet could do without the Windy may I recommend the Storm Cloud. It sells for $58.99 and has 2 piece elastic outsole, blown EVA padded sole, s8 slide soles and heels in the two shoes and manufactured upper.

For a dollar more you can buy the following shoe in the line – Storm Electra. It is additionally accessible in one tone and like the shoes above has fixed s8 slide soles and heels, two piece elastic outsole, blown EVA padded sole and manufactured upper.

For a similar sum in the event that you could do without the Electra you can purchase Storm Mariah. The main distinction between the two is the look. Mariah is accessible in white/hot pink tone as it were.

The Bowlers Company hasn’t failed to remember the stars among either; the bowlers who go to competitions or several times each week. For them it concocted SP2 602. The shoe is accessible in white/dark/pink and goes for $139.99 on the web.

This shoe cost more than the past ones and here’s the reason – full grain calfskin upper as gone against of manufactured material, s8 sole and h5 saw tooth heel and tradable sole/heel framework.

The last and the most costly shoe in the line of bowling shoes for ladies is Sp2 601 by Storm. It sells for $159.99 yet assuming you are searching for the best shoe out there this one may be it.

The shoe is all around developed and looks great (comes in white/silver/blue-green as it were). It’s additionally agreeable to wear. The sole is not difficult to supplant and in general the SP2 601 is a decent shoe.

If you have any desire to explore any of the shoes significantly more and particularly on the off chance that you’re thinking about purchasing a couple everything I’m going to say to you is vital. Try not to rush to the 800 pound gorillas like Amazon and in light of the fact that odds are you’ll overpay.

A couple of months prior I found another site for bowling gear – balls, bowling shoes and packs. The costs were absolute bottom and on the off chance that that isn’t sufficient it offers free two way transportation (on the off chance that you need to return a thing) and extra year of guarantee at no expense.

So go to and look at their line of bowling shoes for ladies by Storm. While on the webpage look at the most recent blog passage on Storm ladies’ shoes.