How to Enjoy Local Cuisine in Chennai with a Travel Partner

The most energizing of movement is the Food Safari that takes you and your Travel Mate to better places to taste various cooking styles. Allow us to investigate the nearby cooking of Chennai for the Travel Buddy, both the road food and the conventional dishes.

Conventional Dishes of Chennai

The Nayak Rulers sold Madras (the first name of Chennai) to East India Company on August 22, 1639. The well established customs and long legacy make Chennai the way of life capital of South India. Furthermore, what is culture without the food? Here is the rundown of the most famous dishes that designed practices since the former times.

Idli Dosa

Idli is a steamed dish produced using matured rice player and goes by the name of “Indian Cake”. You will think that it is very delicious so participate in it with your Travel Companion during your outing to Chennai. The Dosa is likewise made of matured rice hitter yet it is spread on a hot iron plate and broiled fresh.

Rice Sambar

Rice is the staple food of south Indians. The going with curry is sambar, a dish produced using yellow lentil and tamarind glue. Your Travel Friend makes certain to like this especially as it is very tasty.

Puliyodharai Payasam

Puliyodharai is made by blending tamarind glue and rice. It is joined by coconut chutney and papad and followed up by the sweet dish payasam.

Vada Onion Pakoda

You can check your Local Dating Site to get eateries that serve Vada (produced using dark gram dal glue) and seared in oil. Onion pakoda is another delectable seared dish looking like Vada.

Kesari Sweet Pongal

The Free Travel Dating site will list spots where you get the flavorful called kesari. This is produced using semolina. Pongal is a sweet rice dish normally ready for happy events.

Conventional Snacks

Snacks cause a day to become more brilliant and revive you and your Trip Mate when you are feeling dispersed with the long touring visit in Chennai.


The ruler of tidbits is the Murukku seared exquisite produced using prepared rice glue. It is the ideal thing to have when you Meet Girls in Chennai since it makes the discussions stream without a hitch.


This is the sister flavorful to Murukku that you can have when you Date Travelers since it is so munchy and light. Seedai is little and round like peanuts and is made by broiling rice player.


You will find multitudinous puts on your Travel Dating India where you track down this nibble thing. Bajji is made by searing cut vegetables dunked in gram flour in oil.


Assuming you Meet Ukraine Girls during your Chennai trip, you can intrigue them with this great road food called Poori. Wheat flour is straightened and broiled in oil and is joined by a potato side dish.