How to Play all Video Files on Xbox 360 with Mac OS Lion included

This is a bit by bit Tutorial on the most proficient method to Play video documents on Xbox 360 from your Apple Mac PC.

Step by step instructions to play records on Xbox 360 on Mac – The way that is basically as simple as pie:

This Is What You Will Need:

Xbox 360 – Preferably the Elite form… noble motivation its dark. Also, has dark regulators.

Mac Computer – iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple Air, and so forth.

The most effective method to play any video record on your Xbox 360 with your Mac:

Stage 1. Convert recordings to MP4 design that viable with Xbox 360.

Pick a little video to test for you first video, as encoding and change times can be extended in the event that you pick a full film. Have a go at downloading a trailer for a film in your number one organization that the Xbox 360 can’t peruse. Like: AVI, MOV, and a ton of other odd organizations.

Open up Video Converter for Mac. Video Converter for Mac is an incredible video transformation device, it can change over video designs starting with one then onto the next with wonderful result quality and high change speed for Mac OS X clients. It upholds all well known video designs including flv, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, AVI, M2TS, MPEG TS/TP (for HD Video), M4V, and so on.

In the configuration drop-down list, pick MP4 as the result video design. You can pick Xbox 360 as the result design.

At the base right, click on the “Converter” button. Then, at that point, stand by… when you get the great “ding” then you are all set to test to check whether it worked.

Stage 2. associate your Mac and Xbox 360

Before you begin designing, open up Terminal (in Applications – > Utilities) and type “ifconfig en0″ (zero, not a capital-o). You’re searching for the piece that says “inet”. For my situation, the number I arrive is Second, note down the IP address of your remote switch, which for my situation is

On your Mac

1. Interface your Mac to your remote Internet association
2. Interface your Xbox 360 to your Mac through Ethernet
3. In System Preferences – > Sharing, empower Internet Sharing between your Airport and Ethernet association

On your Xbox 360

1. Fire up your Xbox and explore to the Network settings menu
2. Under IP address, enter the number you got from the “ifconfig en0″ order prior on, however with the last number one spot higher. For my situation, I take the, and input in the IP address box on my Xbox 360.
3. Under subnet, input
4. Under switch/passage, enter the number you got before from the “ifconfig en0″ order. For my situation, that is “″
5. Move onto DNS. Enter the IP address of your remote switch (for my situation, “″) in both the essential and optional IP address fields
6. Leave PPPoE and Advanced settings clear (for example OFF and Automatic)
7. You ought to now have the option to interface with Xbox Live by means of your Internet sharing Mac

Stage 3. Play Video File on Xbox 360:

In the first place, on your Mac, open up your new document in VLC and in Quicktime. Ensure it can play in both (Not really simultaneously). Assuming you have done that, presently the time has come to move to your 360. Adhere to these guidelines:

Tun on your Xbox 360

Explore over to the “Media Tab”, and select the “Recordings” choice.

Significant! Since the Xbox 360 Dashboard update of around a half year prior, when you click on”Videos” it will simply show you every one of the recordings on your Xbox 360 hard drive. So press “X” to change the ongoing source. Then, at that point, peruse down to your Apple/Mac PC. Mine is an iMac.

Click on the “Motion pictures Folder”. That is where you ought to have saved the record there before.

Presently peruse your video documents and select your sweet, recently changed over video record, and play it!

Watch and Enjoy! All in no way like watching the TMNT trailer in its Hi-Definition magnificence!

You’re Done! You did it! Presently you can follow that equivalent interaction when play any video from Mac to Xbox 360.