Must Know Information Before You Travel to Havelock Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Biggest island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Havelock Island is perceived for its lovely sea shores, reef and awesome jumping experience. Havelock is around 30 km from Port Blair and has the qualification of being the most visited island in Andamans.

Havelock Island is called after Maj Gen Sir Henry Havelock, well known British Army specialists over the course of pilgrim times. Most of the Island is populated by well disposed people who came from central area India. Bengalis structure the majority of the occupants.

However Havelock is the most gone to island, it has really been protected from the evil impacts of mass vacationer. The island actually keeps its perfect excellence.

Havelock Island comprises of a group of little islands alluded to as Ritchie’s Archipelago which has to do with 30 km east of Great Andaman. Havelock Island is among the two or three spots in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where the national government persuades the travel industry with focus on eco-the travel industry.

Havelock Island is known for its sea shores. The most beautiful ocean side in Havelock is the Radhanagar Beach which was declared the ‘Best Beach in Asia’ by Time in 2004. Different sea shores that merit visiting are Elephant Beach and Vijaynagar Beach.

Havelock Island is a safe-haven for experience exercises and water sports. Scuba plunging is the most famous action on Havelock Island. The jumping exercises are controlled by qualified administrators who offer headings notwithstanding hardware.

Swimming is one more number one with vacationers. Like plunging, swimming gear and preparing are promptly accessible around the ocean. Swimming is well known among unfamiliar nationals and is getting prominence among Indian voyagers as well.

Journeying is another action which draws in loads of explorers. Journeying trails are galore on different pieces of the island. Around 800 meters from the Vijaynagar Beach, is famous with juncture trackers. Intersection trackers are individuals who record spots where scopes and longitudes talk with the help of GPS (overall situating satellite) permitted gadgets.

The long periods of October to May are the absolute best season for plunging as well as the most valuable length with regards to climate. Havelock Island should be kept away from during the storm a very long time from August to November.


Sightseers can purchase wristbands, hoops and mementos produced using shells. Other shell gifts are in like manner promptly accessible. Coral of different tones are promptly accessible in memento stores alongside bowls, plate, strolling sticks, Nicobari mats and coconut shell light shades.

Where to Stay

Havelock involves a wide assortment with regards to decisions, from ocean side cabins to very good quality inns, to remain. Most of the spending plan lodgings are found close to ocean side number 3. There are two or three financial plan lodgings close to the Vijaynagar Beach (ocean side number 5) that offer good offices. Top of the line lodgings give a plenty of focuses like clinical spa, get and drop administration and can moreover sort out for your movement necessities around the island.

Where to Eat

There are various spots in Havelock Island where you get fish. Ocean side number three has the best elective when it relates to consuming out. Dhabas and vegan caf├ęs serve great veggie lover notwithstanding non-veggie lover food close to ocean side number 3. The best fish is served close to Vijaynagar Beach with a wide determination of Punjabi, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Spanish and South Indian foods.