Our Very Own 10 Letter Word Game

We have quite recently assembled and delivered our second game. Piece of a cheat since it is a variation of our FIRST game 🙂 Ten Letter Words


Make words utilizing the dice. The Jumbly word reference for word is gigantic ! It contains 170,000 words. The longest word in the word reference is 10 letters.
Letter scores and appropriation are equivalent to in Scrabble.

This is a subsequent contort on the profoundly effective 2 3 4 Letter Words we delivered in July 2011


Make 2-10 letter words utilizing the letters on the rack. You have a bunch of 98 letters to play with.












Each time you add a letter to the table, another letter replaces it on the rack.
At the point when you have made a word, click on “submit”. Any 10 letter word is naturally submitted.


Letter appropriation and scores are equivalent to in Scrabble.

Reward for words longer than 4 letters:
5 letters – 10
6 letters – 20
7 letters – 30
8 letters – 40
9 letters – 50
10 letters – 100

Words submitted before the clock runs down get a 5 point reward.

2 nearby kick the bucket faces are similar variety, those letters score twofold.
3 contiguous kick the bucket faces are similar variety, those letters score triple.
4 adjoining kick the bucket faces are similar variety, those letters score fourfold.

You may just utilize each word once (there are 170,000 words altogether).
In the event that you utilize a word at least a few times, the word scores negative.
On the off chance that you place a non-substantial ten letter word on the table, the score is deducted (variety succession boni don’t count).

You pick when the game is finished:
At the point when you run out of letters in a Letter Set, you will be given the decision of
– finishing the Letter Set and presenting your score,
– recharging the Letter Set (ie getting 98 new letters) and going on with the ongoing game.

You can present a high score upon the finishing of a letter set.

Turn your mouse over “Letters Remaining” to see what letters are coming up (and in the event that you are truly savvy, what tones).