QuakeCon 2011 Results And Wrap- up

Following 4 days of expert gaming, declarations and game updates as well as insane game advancements and giveaways from all the product and equipment organizations in participation, the residue has settled leaving 1 fortunate participant with the colossal Ford F-150 Raptor SVT tweaked and somewhere around $42,000 in competition prizes!

The fortunate ticket that got the F-150 Raptor was purchased on one of QuakeCon’s cause occasions demonstrating the familiar proverb that says, “What comes around, goes around”. Thus, the following time you catch wind of a cause occasion, feel free to it some time.

QuakeCon 2011 1v1 Results

Shudder’s 1v1 competition #1, SK-rapha, didn’t dishearten subsequent to having the option to come on top of everybody including a no inquiries pose to 3-:1 win against Strenx of France. In spite of the fact that his $8,000.00 pot many won’t be sufficient to get him the SVT F-150 raptor, it’s no spare change by the same token.












Kevin “fnatic.strenx” Baeza then again was sufficiently fortunate to have had the option to go to the competition subsequent to having confronted a great deal of issues regarding the matter of coming to the occasion. All his diligent effort however cleared off and he is presently $4,000.00 more extravagant.

Considerably more fascinating is Russian Anton “[M5]Cooller” Singov’s returned success to take on the bronze against Paul “EG.czm” Nelson of the USA who some way or another figure out how to lose no matter what his 2:0 lead in each guide. The eventual outcome was 3-2 for the Russian who got to bring back home $2,000 for his endeavors.

On a side note, last year’s hero Alexey “Code” Yanushevsky of Belarus shockingly got dispensed with on the main round of the competition. He was crushed by Sc00t of France and ziel of the USA.

QuakeCon 2011 4v4 Team Death Match Results

On the 4v4 TDM side of things, Salivating Monstahz came on top of everybody and obviously bringing back home the $16,000.00 prize cash! Krysa, noctis, avekkk, and spart1e are currently $4,000.00 more extravagant in the wake of winning against 4 foes – I genuinely can’t completely accept that there were just these rare sorts of people who partook for such a heavy total.

iCE cLIMBERS, contained Stermy, fox, l1nkin, and tox took the silver and $8,000 while the BallerSsS got bronze alongside the $4,000 that accompanied it. The last option was monitored by strenx, draven, Cipher, and think about who? Cooller! Truth be told, Cooller got two or three bronze decorations and a sum of $3,000 in QuakeCon 2011 alone!

Other QuakeCon 2011 Notables

Other than all the overall fun climate, the gifts to a great extent, the eye confections from the stall darlings, the durable goods, and the virtual products, it’s definitely worth referencing that the current year’s QuakeCon has developed into BYOC lan party for Quakeheads, however for gamers overall – paying little heed to mature with numerous members comprised of families playing their number one games together.

No inquiry concerning it, the range of games being played all through the occasion was amazing. From control center to PC, and so on, there’s somebody playing it on the setting. Class of Legends (LoL) for one is presumably the most played game.