Running Plays an Important Role in Life

In Shanghai; JP Morgan Chase launched the “running race for companies” once more on October 18, 2012. Last year, there was an e-book called “the long-distance running”. In December 2011 on the Amazon (twitter) site, the sale of the book ranked the first. Its author was Mishka Shu Bali, and his words made many people feel a lot. He said: “Running is not a secret and it will not create miracles”. But running can help you focus on your inherence in a certain period of time. It will be a beginning for you to begin to reflect and study how to take care of the life of yourself.

It was in running that he began to realize that life is not a-yard dash, but a long-distance running. This process is very long. You are going to make mistakes continuously, and no fixed answer is going to be found. There is no necessity for you to judge yourself through comparing to others, because it depends on whether you can walk to the end by perseverance. In 2011, the JP Morgan Corporate running race settled in Shanghai for the first time. Once it was built, it successfully attracted 3807 participants from 178 companies. It became one of the most successful events of the event that has been founded thirty-five years, and it has made positive social response.

The enthusiastic and sunny participants, the different styles of T-shirts and the track sceneries that are full of emotional appeals left all participants a clear fiery scene of the Xuhui, Riverside Avenue at that time. It was precisely because of the boundary of professionals and amateurs, which allowed white-collar elites to maintain healthy bodies and team friendship in city race. JP Morgan Chase Corporate race became a city event through the successful integration of sports and business fellowship. It also became one of the most fashionable social lifestyle for urban white-collar workers to take delight in talking about.

Recently, JP Morgan Chase announced that the second session of JP Morgan Chase Corporate race Shanghai event will be started again on October 18, 2012 in Xuhui Riverside of Shanghai. This year, 6500 predicted contestants are going to reach the cap size of the number. Not just in New York and London, but from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, from Singapore to Sydney, the team of running people among urban white-collar workers is growing up.

For many years, being the largest and longest enterprise social activity, JP Morgan Chase Enterprise race’s objective to advocate an event of positive life concept that was open and multicultural. Last year, JP Morgan Chase Corporate race’s first stop was in Shanghai, China. Since 2004, JP Morgan Chase Enterprise race series events extended to the new internationalized city for the first time, which covered the entire distance of 5.6 kilometers. In 1921, Shanghai and JP Morgan Chase formed ties for the first time. JP Morgan Chase kept on supplying customers with extensive financial services in China.