Squash Game

Today St. Petersburg is the core of Russian squash. The following International Squash Tournament Saint-Petersburg Squash Cup 2012 beginnings on November 23 and as expected at one of the most moderate and point of view squash clubs in Russia-PRO Center, which is situated in St. Petersburg and was open in 2009 and since that time is the greatest squash place in Russia as well as in the entire region of the previous Soviet Union.

With respect to me, I began playing this game around 90 days prior. Positively, I am not an expert and not certain will at any point turn into. However, I can perceive you with everything that is in me, squash fills me with energy, strength and feelings. It provides me with another feeling of living. What’s more, squash became something, among the others, that I appreciate in St. Petersburg, my local city. Also, assuming you actually think which game to pick and which city visit, the response is squash and St. Petersburg!

I might want to talk a little about this game which is famous game brought into the world in England. Assuming you are perusing this article, some way or another you understand what squash is, however a great many people actually don’t. Assuming you tell to someone that you are playing squash, you can get 3 sorts of criticism. Like – goodness, it’s cool! Or on the other hand, mmm, sorry, I’ve heard something about squash, however I am don’t know! Is it like playing tennis? Also, the final remaining one, which is more normal, is like: Hmm. What squash is?

Surely, I am talking about Russia and my Russian companions. In Russia this game is actually another game, obscure and smidgen strange. Also, trust me; if somebody has any desire to establish connection to his companions or partners, the most ideal way is to say that he is playing squash!












That’s what everybody says assuming you attempt this game once, after you will look for any likelihood to play it in the future. It is superior to pools, better than wellness and weight training, better than tennis (unfortunately I am not kidding) numerous previous tennis players come into squash and at no point ever return to tennis court in the future. The game permits you in a brief timeframe get thinner, reinforce all you body and raise you temperament. It is brimming with feelings and feeds you with adrenaline! The game catches on the double: bouncing, unimaginable strikes, feelings, rushing through the air with the racket . Squash – is an unadulterated adrenaline, with practically no gamble.

History of this game in Russia traces all the way back to the mid 90s, when Vasiliy Borisov, today the Honorary President of the Russian Squash Federation, Doctor of Engineering, after his visit to Princeton (USA), pulled in some Moscow athletes to this game. In 1992 Russian squash players interestingly partook in global competitions. It was an extended period of 1997 that turned out to be vital for the Russian league of that game when the primary global squash competition occurred in St.Petersburg. Since that time consistently an ever increasing number of individuals get involved into this game, which assuming you attempted it once won’t ever allow you to stop.

What is squash and how could it start?

In the same way as other group activities, that game, was brought into the world in England. The specific date of its introduction to the world isn’t know. Evidently, the most established proof for the presence of such a game is the book, dated long term which depicts the life and customs of the occupants of London. One of the photos put in this book portrays the jail yard on Fleet Street, and various detainees, who eagerly are raising a ruckus around town with the racket high against the jail wall.