The Secret to Fear No Man

This is the third portion on the most proficient method to shield yourself the shrewd way. We take care of the greatest slip-up with good reason and the key to winning against an aggressor two times your size. This article is about how to address your trepidation.


Dread is a characteristic response when you realize your wellbeing is in harm’s way.

Encountering a portion of the following is to be expected:

Your heart is beating at 100 miles each hour in your ears.

Your breathing is short and sharp.

You have limited focus.

You begin to perspire.

You begin to shake.

You couldn’t actually hear yourself think.

For hell’s sake, you don’t actually have any idea what you are thinking.

You are beginning to overreact.

You might try and wet your jeans and freeze.

The Adrenaline Dump

Things happen quick, extremely quick, in an actual showdown.

A ton of things are likewise occurring in your body.

Your trepidation makes your sensory system flood your body with an adrenaline dump. This is the body’s method for setting you up for survival.

Adrenaline can be a companion or a foe.

A companion in that it makes you more grounded.

An adversary, since it restricts your developments to just wide gross engine developments.

To have the option to control your trepidation you want to figure out your 3 cerebrums.

Your 3 Brains *

You have 3 cerebrums.

Human Brain

Monkey Brain

Reptile Brain

Human Brain controls reason and rationale.

Monkey Brain controls sentiments and feelings.

Reptile Brain controls development and coordination.

Dread is constrained by your Monkey Brain.

The issue is that when your Monkey Brain is in charge, reason and rationale are through the window. You are unequipped for making unequivocal moves, just incautious ones.

Imprudent activities are bad when your life could be in question.

As you don’t have the personnel of reason and rationale, you see no other option than to retaliate frantically and indiscriminately. In any event, when departure is a choice, you will be dazed to it by your Monkey Brain.

The circumstance is intensified by the reality there isn’t one Monkey Brain having an effect on everything except two.

You are impacted by dread and your assailant is overwhelmed by rage.

Two Monkey Brains at war, the outcome isn’t great. For you.

There is a motivation behind why you can’t work right in the clear.

You can’t prevail upon a Monkey Brain.

The most keen choice you can make in an actual showdown is to connect with your Lizard Brain and begin leaving; if possible.

Controlling Your Monkey Brain

The key to controlling trepidation is to control your Monkey Brain.

The most effective way to control your Monkey Brain is with this breathing activity.

Take in for a count of 8, hold for 8 and inhale out for 10.

This solves two problems at once.

Gets you the ideal opportunity for your Human Brain to recover control.

Supercharges every one of your phones with oxygen to prepare you intellectually and genuinely for horrific act.

Center around the things you can win

Controlling your Monkey Brain is pivotal. You really want your Human Brain working completely to get any opportunity.

The things you fear about your aggressor are his size, strength and animosity.

Try not to zero in on the things you can’t win.

The most grounded man is just basically major areas of strength for as most fragile connections. His eyes, ears, throat and crotch are his most fragile connections.

The key to fear no man is to zero in on his most vulnerable connections!

You have more than adequate solidarity to obliterate them.

All in all you can leave him speechless.

Zeroing in on those points of failure will give you the certainty that you have some control over the circumstance.

In the following post, I will cover the greatest test you face in an actual showdown.

Marc McYoung from covers the 3 Brains quite well.