The Strange Story of The Rise And Fall of Leh Palace

Leh Palace otherwise called Lhachen Palkhar is an illustrious royal residence arranged in the wonderful Leh in the province of Jammu and Kashmir. The spot is a vacationer guide that comes on the rundown of spots toward visit in Leh Ladakh. The development was started by Teswang Namgyal, the pioneer behind the Namgyal Dynasty in the sixteenth 100 years and it was planned very much like the Patola Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

The development got finished in the seventeenth 100 years by Teswang’s nephew Senge Namgyal who was the most renowned lord of that time. This is one of the tallest structures around then with 9 stories. The materials used to develop incorporate stone, mud blocks, poplar woods, mud mortar and wooden beam’s The mud mortar which is otherwise called Mar-Kalak.

The Leh Palace has seen transformation changes since the seventeenth 100 years. It was one of the disconnected spots and a cut-off district close to Tibet and presently it has turned into the well known objective for voyagers. The housetop of the Leh Palace gives an all encompassing perspective on the Stok Kangri and the Ladakh mountain and infact you can see the entire town and partake in the view from the top. It is presently being kept up with by the Archeological Survey of India’ (ASI). The Leh Palace has a gallery that has relics however old as 450 years which seems to be the reason it is one of the spots to visit in Leh Ladakh to investigate the well known verifiable structure.


At the point when the Namgyal Dynasty was caught up with keeping up the way of life of Leh, General Zorawar Singh of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s military had an eye on this wonderfully planned Leh Palace. This was the significant stage towards the intrusion of Tibet. However the structure was unequivocally built yet couldn’t shield itself and was attacked by General Zorawar Singh and his military. He even obtained 500 miles of western Tibet. Leh Palace being the base, General Zorawar Singh likewise took over Baltistan. While he was winning every one of the conflicts he disregarded the Leh Palace but once more, the Palace was left with no proprietor.

In the midst of the multitude of wars, this Palace saw extreme harms in the engineering. The Leh Palace in Leh definitely remains as the quiet declaration of evolving time. Albeit the Palace is in ruins however is one of the site to visit in Leh Ladakh which has now transformed into a historical center. The greater rooms and hallways of the Palace have no transformed into display corridors where voyagers visit to be familiar with the brutal history. Yet, there are still a few paintings in the Palace that portray the glory of the past.

You will detect the Victory Tower simply over the Palace which was made to remember the triumph of the Ladakian fighters in the conflict with Balti Kashmiri Soldiers in the sixteenth hundred years.


Being one of the well known site to visit in Leh Ladakh, the Palace has a few great attractions that you should not overlook. You will detect a sculpture of Lord Buddha inside the cloister of this castle. There are numerous old pictures and compositions that exhibit the fine plans. You will be amazed to realize that these artworks are 450 years of age and comprised of varieties got from powdered stones pearls these works of art actually look all around great. The Leh Palace likewise has a wide assortment of crowns, formal dresses, and gems.

This is the story behind the peculiar fall and ascent of the lovely Leh Palace which is currently a vacationer location and the world needs to be familiar with it.

Timings to visit

The Leh Palace is presently under government observation and treated as a gallery, so the Palace is open for people in general from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The section expense for Indian residents is INR 15 and for outsiders INR 100. The best opportunity to visit the Palace is during summer from April to September. It is said that the daylight falls on the Palace making it look significantly prettier. It is likewise said that the Palace looks much more lovely on the full moon night.