Top Beyer Speed Figures Scored by The Year 2011’s Two Year Old Debutants

The much acclaimed competition for the first choice of the year in the works, incredibly among Hansen and Union Rags, would now be a sketchy contention as Discreet Dancer goes on scoring a three digit Beyer Speed Figure in his lady break at GulfStream Park. While the two top contenders are extensively shy of the Beyer Speed Figures when contrasted with the year’s largest numbers, they positively have made an obviously more grounded season with a Breeder’s Cup Juvenile completion for each.

Taking a gander at the reality sheets, the season’s maximum velocity was presented via mentor Robert Barbara’s J C’s Pride, a 101. We can call it a ‘simple 101’ glancing back at every one of the extraordinary figures of 120, 124 and, surprisingly, higher 128 by GhostZapper in 2004. While there are hypotheses with respect to the impossible speed of Secretariat’s, specialists recommend careful computations from accessible information could rate them to as high as 139, additionally proposing that Sham could never have been any more slow. Nonetheless, disappointingly, the figures don’t appear to pursue the direction any longer.

The most noteworthy for the season in the two year old division remains at 101, simply missing the mark by a, followed intently at 100 by the initial lady of Discreet Dancer. Off from the Todd Pletcher unit, Discreet set a track standard with a contemporarily astounding rate completing 5 ½ furlongs in 1:02.34 level. Keeping close by the maximum velocity by J C, is Stopshoppingmaria, donning a Beyer Speed Figure of 101, hailing again from the Pletcher band.

The main other three digit speed figure for the season has been stowed by Overdriven, incredibly once more, prepared by Pletcher and building up the Repole Stable standing.

The season wraps down its main two year old velocities with a Creative Cause at 98, and the best from Secret Circle at 97. Filly My Miss Aurelia is the main next quickest filly after Stopshoppingmaria at 96. Raiser’s Cup Juvenile champ, Hansen’s quickest speed rates a main 94 while the second put finisher Union Rags followed on at 95.

It’s profoundly disheartening how the quickest speeds for the season never cross the primary portion of a 10th over hundred. While larger part hangs at a limit of late 90’s, the excess have shown at this point more slow speeds on the dashing tracks, a field the ponies from the prior hundred years or the last ten years would most likely obliterate with an unassuming jog.

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