Visiting Bogota The Neighbourhoods You Must Explore

Like a phoenix coming back to life, Colombia is a country that has moved far past its medication perplexed history. Pioneer design, a dynamic craftsmanship and music scene, culinary innovativeness and a hip party scene are a portion of the things that presently portray Bogota, the country’s capital city and it’s main traveler objective. In the event that you’re arranging a visit to this city, we list a couple of neighborhoods you should visit:

La Candelaria:

La Candelaria’s limited cobbled roads, vivid bistros, and serene squares are suggestive of the city’s provincial past. The spot is currently abounding with road craftsmanship on account of the casual spray painting regulations. While the whole city of Bogota offers travelers a brief look at present day workmanship, no place is it more articulated than the roads of La Candelaria. From phenomenal scenes covered up homes to over the top advertorial pieces charged by organizations, each traffic intersection in La Candelaria is a banquet for the eyes! There are a lot of spray painting visits organized by local people – ensure you don’t miss one!

Square de Bolivar:

This is a pigeon-filled square that is encircled by neo-traditional structures, vivid bistros, galleries, and yards. The Plaza de Bolivar is Bogota’s vitally open square and takes its name from a Venezuelan-conceived military pioneer, Simon Bolivar. Furthermore, if end up visiting Bogota in May, remember to miss the Concierto la Esperanza – a live event that draws music fans from across South America. What’s more, assuming you’re visiting during Christmas, don’t pass up the bubbly fun that incorporates sound and lights show, song singing, dance exhibitions, and even presentations by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra.


La Candelaria isn’t the main pleasant area in Bogota. Usaquen is a treat for admirers of provincial style design. It is likewise a spot renowned for Hacienda Santa Barbara – a patio that houses a lot of upscale stores and shops. The spot is truly fun around evening time thanks to the youthful and hip group that top off the eateries and clubs. There are numerous road food trucks offering a large number of nearby delights.

Avenida Chile:

Avenida Chile was once home to probably the most well off individuals in Bogota and is renowned for European-style neoclassical homes. Today, it is a business center point with numerous lodgings, shopping centers, and high rises.

There are lots of activities and spots to visit in Bogota – every one of them in and around the city. Ensure you don’t miss any!