We Asked What WWE Fans Wished Would Happen In 2016, Here Are The Answers!

2016 has quite recently started and it is no time like the present you put in your solicitations for what you need to see in WWE rings. Is it a second happening to your #1 whiz? Or on the other hand do you believe that they should hold the following competition in your old neighborhood?

We asked WWE fans what they expect in 2016. Here are their responses!

A greater amount of John Cena Appearances

Starting around 2010, John Cena has made a stride back from the headliners of WWE. A superior piece of 2011 and 2012 considered CM Punk to be WWE Champion. The majority of 2013 rotated around Daniel Bryan, the ascending of The Shield, and Randy Orton. In 2014, Cena turned into a brief time frame champion, somewhat because of the way that Bryan was harmed. John Cena mixed no waves in the year 2015 for WWE by the same token. To this end most fans wished Cena to take advantage of his time in 2016, and center more around wrestling, as opposed to his Hollywood profession.

Crude to Move Back to Two Hours











Crude started a three hour transmission in July 2012. For most fans, the show was excessively lengthy and caused more damage than great. It is something conspicuous that more hours on screen mean more cash and exposure. Be that as it may, as indicated by the watchers, it simply exhausts them to watch exactly the same thing again and again. Therefore they would prefer to have Raw move back to two-hour long transmission. Along these lines, the interest doesn’t falter all through the length of the show.

Ladies’ Main Event on Pay Per View

WWE as of now accompanies a sticker price of $9.99, so it won’t be hard for WWE fans to hand over more cash to watch ladies’ headliner on pay per view. Divas don’t get to encounter the ring as much as Superstars, it is no time like the present this pattern changes and they get more on-screen time. There hasn’t been a headliner for people for so long, and fans need to see a greater amount of their #1 Divas on pay per view.

Making Bookings Easy

One of the intermittent wish among the fans was making appointments simple. There are different phony ticket dealers working web-based which makes it difficult for the crowd to purchase credible ones. Tickget, an internet based ticket web index, has thought of the arrangement of giving solid wellsprings of passes to the crowd. Essentially sign in to their site and start your hunt!