What 2nd Birthday of Angry Birds Brings For You

On the off chance that you are playing Angry Birds, without a doubt you have caught wind of second birthday festivity of this game. The engineer of this game praised the outcome of Angry birds on Sunday, 11 December. They delighted in festival with a scrumptious cake. Beneficial thing is that you can likewise partake in the flavor of this cake as the engineer offers a unique birthday update for the players of this game. On the off chance that you didn’t catch wind of this update before then you don’t have to stress since I am here to provide you with its total subtleties. Presently check the elements connected with Angry Birds second Birthday update underneath:

15 new Cake levels for Angry Birds: Whether you are playing Angry birds on iOS or Android, you are allowed to partake in a yummy taste of 15 new cake levels. Each cake will assist you with getting a few focuses. Each new level accompanies energizing riddle and clearly you would need to take help from your legitimate abilities if you have any desire to get an answer of any riddle. The players will get an opportunity to excursion the birds into cakes, inflatables and other happy items. Basically, the genuine fun of a birthday is there for you.

Celebrate 300 degrees of Angry Birds: After this birthday update, you will actually want to celebrate 300 degrees of irate birds. These levels are sufficiently adequate to bring a few fervors and fun into your bleak life.











Attempt a New Projectile: Are you getting exhausted with old birds of this game? On the off chance that indeed, grin for some time as you will actually want to attempt another shot for example orange bird. This bird isn’t just pleasant looking yet additionally included with an exceptional capacity. It can impel any article it contacts. So make the obliteration in a somewhat new way through orange bird’s unique capacity.

New Menus and Graphics: The subsequent birthday update will permit you to go into those levels which are improved with appealing illustrations and new menus. New menus are coordinated only for making your gaming experience more charming and agreeable than previously.

Extraordinary Achievements: These 15 new birthday levels of furious birds bring unique birthday accomplishments for you. These accomplishments add some appeal into the levels and propel you to cross each level with additional fortitude and rationale.

Opened Episodes: Rovio Mobile presents an exceptional birthday present to the enthusiasts of Angry Birds. Presently all episodes of this game are opened for you. Is it safe to say that you are prepared for partaking in a magnificent treat of Angry Birds?